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In the healthcare field, everyone has different goals, commitments, and values that they believe, and follow based on the hospital they work and the community they serve, which reflects upon their philosophy. New health advisor does a great job describing nursing philosophy by stating “a key statement of a nurse or organization and their commitment to accountability, professionalism, and compassion for the ill” (2017). Many hospitals have their vision and mission statement based on the ANCC magnet recognition program that recognizes one based on patient’s quality care, nursing excellence and inventions in professional nursing care (Magnet Recognition Program Overview, 2018). The facility I work at is not a Magnet-recognized hospital, however, their core values and philosophy are based on providing high-quality patient care while practicing using evidence-based practice which is similar to ANCC’s magnet recognition philosophy (University Medical Center of EL Paso, 2018). I believe the reason Magnet asks hospitals to define their philosophy is to see their core values and beliefs. Since we are not a magnet recognized hospital it has not really impacted the work I do or my core values.

However, I believe it is very important for an organization to have a core value and mission statement to ensure everyone is on the same page when working with multiple interprofessional staff under one roof. It also gives us guidelines based on what we are expected from our company to provide the same quality of patient care by everyone. Also, during every staff meetings and every forum we are reminded by the hospital what are goals and core values which creates a positive work environment when everyone is striving for excellence to provide a positive culture. I also do like Steven Edwards description on philosophy using three elements such as conceptual clarification and assessment of argument, concern with highly general philosophical problems, and development of a criterion for the identification of external questions (Edwards, 1997). So, one needs to ask themselves, what is your nursing philosophy?Citations Edwards, S. (1997).

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