In based on the user volume. The highest user

In simple words,
Cloud Computing is a platform where it allows the users to access data, applications,
and services on Internet. Here, “Cloud” is referred to Internet.

This method
eliminates the need for hardware (hard drives and servers), henceforth reducing
the cost.

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The uses of cloud
computing are in our day to day life such as streaming videos on Youtube,
Netflix, sharing files on Mail Servers.

Benefits of Cloud
Computing are :

1.Cost : This
eliminates buying the hardware and software and also consumption of electricity

2. Accessing Anywhere:
These can be accessed in any part of the world.

3. Security : It has
its own firewall wherever accessed and there will be no loss of confidential

4. Speed : Huge
amounts of computing resources can be provisioned in minutes.

6. Reliability : In
PC, we back up our data in another drive and if that hard drive is crashed, it
will result in loss of data. Unlike PC, this has a data backup and disaster
recovery service which will make the business continuation easy and also

(Microsoft Azure, 2018)


Scenario 1 :

For this, as stated
in the question Amazon is the best Workplace. The pricing is flexible and we
are paying only for what we use. We have monthly and hourly installments. With
monthly billing, we pay a fixed monthly fee for unlimited usage during the
month. This is suitable for those who use this as their primary desktop else
hourly installments are recommended.


There are multiple options
for hardware. And these are very economical than a hardware device. The monthly
standard pricing of 2vCPU, 4 GIB memory, root volume 80 GB is around $42 to $50
based on the user volume. The highest user volume give is 100 GB.

Taking 50 GB as the user
volume, it is costing around $45 per month; and $540 per month. As per our
task, the above device is enough for the speeding plan. We can use 2 devices of
this for a better speeding plan. (Amazon, 2018)


Scenario 2 :

This scenario
requires a private cloud infrastructure which can be in the form of Virtual
Private Server(VPC). As the name says, it’s a virtual machine and is sold by an
Internet hosting service. Using this, it ensures that most of the resources
available to the client. Examples are VMWare Player, Microsoft Virtual PC, etc.

(Amazon, 2018)


Scenario 3:

We have 1000
workstations in the given network. Each workstation is costing around $800, so
in total it is around $800,000 which is more than a cloud administrations. Additionally,
company needs to spend on power and furniture cost which comes to a total of $1000,000.

As per the case study
of cloud computing, I considered 3 main factors for a better networking


Update: Any software
we use, the it is of the latest versions, which will help us to improve on what
we are working for.

Security (Amazon, 2018): There will be no
chance of stealing the data and this data is encrypted with higher levels of cryptography.