In against the Constitution are misunderstanding the type of

In the Federalist 14 by James Madison published on November 30th, 1787. Addresses the major disagreements from the Anti-Federalist who believed that the United States was way too big for a one government to handle and too big for a Republic. James Madison puts his beliefs to good uses that the United States can perform under a Republic. Withal Madison argues that a Republic the people would be represented at a federal level and at a state. Federalist 14 concluded with Madison defending the benefits of a Union rather than a divided Union. Also in Federalist 14 Madison makes many counters arguments covering the tropics of countryside types of government and the Constitution itself while also relating all these back so as to justify the Constitution despite the size of the proposed United States. One of the first points he makes is that those arguing against the Constitution are misunderstanding the type of government they are attempting to establish they are confusing a democracy in which the people meet the government in person with a Republic in which the people governed through the officials they have chosen. He also states that the former a democracy is really hard to control expect in a small group of people whereas a Republican form of government can govern a much bigger area at a wider body of people.

James Madison touches on the physical size of the 13 states which made up the country it was back in 1787 and that some European countries such as Poland and Germany use the similar kind of republic and is similar in size to the newly formed United States. Also, he discusses on how Great Britain is much smaller in size compared to them that the distances some of their governments have to travel is the same distance to those in the 13 states. Next, he notes that if each representative from every colony were able to gather and meet in a Continental Congress during and before the war. Why would it be not possible for any of them to do the same after the fact for the new government? He also repeats that fact that the Constitution only gives what would be the federal government specifically list out powers and the rest of the power would be left under the state’s control. Thus adding the effectiveness of the new government despite the size of the body of land.

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The final two points that Madison makes or that as times moves on new roads and other kinds of travel will be formed and be improved. This would make things a lot easier for the representatives to meet up nonetheless the distance they are at. The last point Madison makes one of the most important point now all of the states and the future states can be called frontiers and therefore are in danger of assaults and would be in best interest for the state’s to make sacrifices for the sake of the general protection meaning to permit a little bit of personal government power to issue safety for the people and the states. He ends this paper by daring the people of the Union to not to be scared this brand new form of government but to try to create their own individual paths forward.