In 2015) Impact of Social Media on Youth: Social

                       In 21st
century, Social media is most recent form of media and having many
characteristics and features. It has many facilities like communicating,
texting, fast publishing, audio sharing, video sharing, images, linking
all-over the world, direct connecting etc., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype,
Gaming sites, and virtual worlds such as Second life, club penguin and the
Sims, video sites such as You tube, and blogs etc., Such sites affect today’s
youth for entertainment and communication, and have grown in recent modern
years. Its increasing day by day with high rate in all over the world. Majority
of peoples is shifting fastly from electronic media like as radio listeners and
television viewers to the social media among all age of group. Youth rate is
very much to shifting into social media so its impact much on youth. The main
aim or interest of this research is to know the immense level of awareness
among youth exposed to social media sites, usage of specific social networking
sites, findings how positively and negatively are the kids, adolescents and
families affected by the usage of this sites efficiently ,to understand advantages
and disadvantages of social media known by the youth, and to the study the
impact of social media sites on the personal and professional life of the
youth. (Khurana,
December 3, 2015)

of Social Media on Youth:

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                       Social Media having
various impacts on youth’s life in both ends some times the favour of youth’s
life and sometimes these impact on negative aspects. The impacts upon kids,
adults and adolescents are growing up in an age where media is not about
broadcast content from the Television, internet, but is about interactivity,
multi-tasking. Youth is highly involved in Internet. (Anthony,

                       “The researcher discuss
that 67 percent Social media users very common and well known social media
portal comprised of the youth and students so this compliment the fact the
youth more focus and relation such a media the drawbacks use of social media
occur when students involves themselves in unethical activities on sharing of
useless information ,social media portal, and posting such as personal images ,pictures
on social media and they don’t worry sharing this stuff on publicly that are
injurious national dignity and foreign relationship of country”. (Bury, March


Objectives of the Study:

The immense level of awareness among youth
exposed to social media sites, usage of social networking sites.

To analysis the advantages and disadvantages of
social media usage by the youth.

The study on impact of social media sites on
the personal and professional life of the youth.

Pros and Cons on Impact of
Social Media:

                         The pros and cons of
social media are they become more information about current affairs, help to
develop social skills, Inspire them, help develop reading and writing  boosts self esteem, up to date technology,
useful for education and research, helpful for job searching and cons are
youths exposed to cyberbullying and online Harassment, destroys social skills, making
everything commercial, Spending too much time, sleepless, Sexting Mental
depression and stress, Obesity, Isolation of kids with disabilities. etc. (Austin, June
23, 2016).Nowadays
youth spending two many hours on media they really need face to face


for Parents:

      Sit down as a family and
discuss the good and bad of social media. Encourage your kids to express their
feelings, sharing’s about various programs. Try to limit using social media.
Help your teen differentiate between fantasy and reality. (Clarke-Pearson,
April,2011). It is important that parents evaluate the
sites on which their child want to participate to be sure that the site is
appropriate for that child’s age. For sites without age restrictions, however,
there is room for negotiation, and parents should explain the situation and
have conversation with their preadolescents and adolescents. (Anderson,
April 23,2016)


                        In Twenty first Century
the role of impact of social media among youth is expanding tremendously.
Although few of the consequences are positive outcomes and has its drawbacks as
well. As it has relived at the end of your choice to either use social media in
positive way and benefit from it in academic life or fall as victim of social
media’s negative impacts. The drive on social media can implement on youth is
exceptional. In conclusion, Social media has made great impact on today’s
Youth. Parents need to be assured that they kid, adults and adolescents not
turned to be depressed, obsessed etc., and that the relationship between them
is strong and friendly.