I’m be clear enough, but I’m gonna write my

I’m not familiar with writing reviews, or reading books, because I prefer writing my own stories.

But right after I read this book I watched the movie. I love it! Some people might not agree, but it really depends on if you like eery and creepy things. I do like them. I’m not sure if it will be clear enough, but I’m gonna write my own opinion about this book.The books name is Coraline, which resembles the man character of the story. Coraline is a girl who lives with her parents, who are busy editors of a gardening catalogue. They move from Pontiac in Michigan to Ashland in Oregon where they stay at the dilapidated Pink Palace Apartments.

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Coraline was forced to come with, even though she didn’t want to. She thought it would just be a normal, boring place, but how was she wrong.The story is really creative, and unpredictable.

The title and the description also trick you a little. It looks like a happy story with a little girl and her cat, it looks like a children’s story, but when you actually read the book you realise that it’s the oposite of what you expected. It is comedy mixed with thriller and fantasy.

I am happy I chose to read it, since I am a big fan of comedy and fantasy, but also of horror and thriller, and this story uses both. It starts of nice, she meets weird neighbors and new friends, but then it takes a big turn into a really eery and dark story, which I really like. I think Neil Gaiman did a great job.For example, I liked the part where Coraline goes into the basement of the Pink Palace Apartements and meets miss Forcible and miss Spink who keep a big amount of scottie dogs in their house. Also at the part where her black cat could speak, and at that part I really wished to be her. Who wouldn’t want a chance to talk to a cat? If I was her, I would be really shocked too but I would also ask the cat all about how cats think and if they are planning to take over the planet.

And when she found the little door, If I was her I wouldn’t have returned there anymore because I don’t know it might have been bricked up for a reason?!After all the book is amazing, and I would definitely recommend my friends to read this!