II. ?e and the exponential rate of the weight

II. CELLULAR NETWORKS WITH ENERGY HARVESTINGInstead of using single power transmission, in cellular network approach multiple low power transmissions are used for energy harvesting. These transmitters are used for transmission and receiving both purposes. So, they are named as base stations (BS).  Every base station can cover a particular area named as cell. Channels of neighboring cells are different in cellular network.  In cellular system land is divided into regular hexagonal shaped cells. In this particular shape no overlapping is possible and energy at a particular location is analyzed by Poisson distribution. This distribution is controlled by two parameters named as energy-center density denoted as ?e and the exponential rate of the weight function denoted as ?. For large value of ?e and v, a flat energy field is obtained. For all other values of ?e and v, we get a random field of energy. Hexagonal cells are used in the construction of downlink network with renewable powered base stations BS. In downlink Network a link is established to ground stations or receivers. A restriction in output is applied on this downlink transmission of harvested energy. For checking downlink network power and harvested energy transmission ability it is assumed that the network is operated in a noisy area. Harvester distribution is done through two steps. The output probability of every renewable base station powered by single harvester is decreases exponentially with the product of ?e and v. Several base stations are connected together in the form of hexagonal cells. Energy to nearby cells is transmitted through aggregators. This energy is transmitted quite efficiently. The number of harvesters can be increased or decreased depending upon the energy aggregation. Therefore, output probability of power transmission lies between zero and one. Since high voltage power transmission is not favorable for harvesters due to gain in number of harvesters for energy aggregation. So this loss is overcome by enhancing voltage at harvesters by specific law.