“If seashells on almost 24/7.In looking at censorship in

“If love dies, that’s when we’ve all truly died.” ? Keary Taylor, Eden.  The restrictive rules in Fahrenheit 451 kept people from actually living and experiencing what life should be; whereas, in our world freedom to learn and respect for others is valued.Technology in Fahrenheit 451 has affected the thought process and actions of the citizens. This is shown when Montag was ordered to burn down his own house, Mildred ran out, not even noticing the situation that she was in. All she really cared about was her tv’s and how her “family” was suffering ” poor family, poor family” The three women turned slowly and looked with unconcealed irritation and then dislike at montag.

, oh everything gone everything, everything gone now.”  Also when Montag turned off the TV when Mildred and her friends were over, it made situations extremely awkward because they did not know how to start a conversation without a screen ” The three women turned slowly and looked with unconcealed irritation and then dislike at Montag.” Although we aren’t to the extreme of choosing electronics over our loved ones, in our society more people today are glued to their screens (phones, tv, or computers). Headphones have also grown very popular since they disconnect the user from the real world, this is very close to Ray Bradbury’s prediction since Mildred had her seashells on almost 24/7.In looking at censorship in Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury sends a very direct message showing readers what can happen if they allow the government to take total control of what they do. Mildred is being brainwashed by the television, because what’s being displayed is only approved by what the Government would consider to be “truth” “Now, ” said Mildred, “my ‘family’ is my people.

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They tell me things; I laugh, they laugh! And the colors!… And besides, if Captain Beatty knew about those books..

. He might come and burn the house and the ‘family.’ That’s awful!” (Bradbury 69).

For example The firemen have to protect the censorship laws because they do not want the citizens gaining knowledge by burning books”the public has stopped reading on its own accord you firemen provide a circus now and then at when which buildings are set off and crowds gather for a pretty blaze”. Also History has been altered by the government to protect information.”Established, 1790, to burn English-influenced books in the Colonies. First Fireman: Benjamin Franklin.” Similar in today’s world, some communist countries censor a lot of information from the citizens. Tv shows today edit their shows to make them more appropriate.

    Drugs in fahrenheit 451 shows that the society is detached from one another Ray Bradbury used the character Mildred to represent how drugs can negatively affect mental emotional, health. memory, and moods “If only they could have taken her mind to the dry cleaner’s and emptied the pockets and steamed and cleansed it” (Bradbury 14).  Since the people were so dead on the inside the mental state of the citizens in Fahrenheit 451 made it easy for the government to control society. It is known that people who abuse prescription pills often feel that they have no deep meaning in the world. This is true to Mildred’s case as well she lives in a fast pace society where nothing has meaning and her life is absorbed by technology and she has lost connection to the real meaning of life. The laws in Fahrenheit 451’s society affected the citizens lifestyle and mindset, however in our world knowledge is encouraged by many.

We can see that Fahrenheit 451 came close to depicting what modern society is like.