If about most haunted place of India as per

If you believe in light, you must  believe in dark, same with  God and Evils, Life and death, don’t know whether Ghost exist or not but today I am going to tell you about most haunted place of India as per ASI report, which would scare you like hell;(Souce ; travel triangle)1. Bhangarh Fort in Alwar:As per the story associated with the most haunted place in India, Tantrik Singhia fell in love with Princess Ratnavati. He tried to use magic to win over her, but the princess got to know of his evil plans and ordered him killed. Before the tantrik died, he cursed the residents of the fort to die and the village dwellers to remain roofless forever. Certain villages in the city are roofless. Even if a roof is built, it collapses soon after.There is a board thereby govt., written not allowed to go after sunset, the number of negative vibes you feel there is nothing less than any horrible feelings, this fort is listed as most haunted place in India, many people who visited there felt the paranormal vibes,  so  if have curiosity to know do visit once at your own risk and share your views with us.2.Malcha Mahal in DelhiMalcha Mahal is hunting lodge that dates back to the Tughlaq era. Princess Wilayat Mahal, one of the last descendants of the royal family of Oudh, did not get her estate back after independence. She committed suicide by drinking grounded diamond. Her ghost is said to haunt the royal palace area ever since. Rumors say that those who have attempted to enter the palace without permission never returned alive. The truth behind these rumours is yet to be accounted for, but that doesn’t stop this place from being suspected as one of the most haunted places in India.(Source travel world)3.Ramoji Film City in HyderabadNot all ghosts love movies, Ramoji Film City, one of the biggest film cities in the country, is actually a haunted place in India. According to witnesses, the spotlights have been seen falling off, light men have been pushed, strange marks have appeared on mirrors, and many crew members have had severe injuries. Females have even experienced their clothes being torn off by a mystical force or being locked in rooms from inside.