Identified targets for the company. The development of the

Identified faults should be seen as achance for the improvement, instead of this only the guilty party is oftensearched in the assembly lines of the Volkswagen. Furthermore, an attentionshould be set on the guide and line culture. Often unclear W questions areasked that to delays of the project can lead, as whom does what? Take over andhow takes Who, What from? The manager must create herself time parts in orderto familiarize oneself with processes as well as procedures. Through that fullappointments diaries, this often proves to be problematic in the practice. Atransparency of the identification numbers within the information cascadebetween the teams up to the word line is just as not equally distinct in allareas. With the introduction of the SFM, one attempts, in particular, theirclear structures and to create transparency.

The aim of work is to improvise theassembly production with enriching their goals. Acluster of KPI`s in assembly lines from top management to lower level ofthe department. As the cluster of KPI`sdone then the linkage of different KPI`s with each other and make it reachtheir target of the company which is decided by the plant manager.

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Moreover,the analysis of each KPI’s who are depended on the individual department toreach the target and how this KPI’s sub-divided in a different department and what is the effect of those KPI`s in thedeveloping the targets for the company. The developmentof the KPI that is made better in theprocess of the Volkswagen assembly lines and eliminate the weak spots that theyare facing during the process. Milestones number among the introduction, as thedefinition of destinations and identification numbers, the acquisition of theline board as well as the determination of the least standard for frameelements of the line board and control tasks. On the other hand, the implement those continuousimprovement concept within it which gives the ideas related to the shop floormanagement in the assembly line of Volkswagen.