I through in-person interactions with growers and designing the

I believe that research and extension are vitallylinked within an educational system, and simply possessing knowledge does notguarantee success. The real success is achieved when the research is utilizedby the public. Irealize the significant impact of agricultural extension on the living of growersand agricultural communities. I have witnessed the gap between highly technicalacademic research and the realities that growers and agricultural industries face.This gap has driven me to pursue a career in which I can perform researchinformed by practical knowledge to address the challenges that growers face.I understand that agribusinessprofessionals have different levels of education and technical experiences, so tobe an effective agricultural extension specialist, I should improve my abilityto inform a broad audience through the employment of different communicationstrategies in various media forms. As part of my graduate studies, I haveinvested in learning the communication skills necessary for successfulextension by participating in several outreach events and ESA webinars.

Throughoutmy dissertation research, I tried to improve my communication skills withindustry through in-person interactions with growers and designing the researchthat reflected their problems. I routinely present myresearch findings at the ESA annual and branch meetings to ensure that myresearch is circulated among industry stakeholders. In the future, I plan tocontinue providing in-person interactions with the agricultural communities Iserve by organizing and taking part in workshops and presentations. This can behelpful in disseminating research and maintaining accessibility to stakeholdersin order to effectively meet their needs, receive feedback, and provide themost benefit to the agricultural community.

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I am currently working onthe UC IPM website writing about the common arthropod pests of dates and theirmanagement including Banks grass mite, pink hibiscus mealybug, and carob moth. Thearticles are intended to present useful information to California date growers.I routinely publish my workin several peer-reviewed journals. In my future career, I will continue thisand strive to publish relevant research in extension/outreach educationfact-sheets having observed the value these resources holdfor the agricultural community. I also plan to write regular newsletters andbulletins posted on my department website to keep the agricultural community upto date on current research.

Employing print and digital media, as well as in-personinteractions as parts of my research and extension strategy are essential forreaching a broad audience of agricultural stakeholders. I will constantly searchfor new methods to provide the most relevant research for industry stakeholdersand communicating my research to a broad audience including videos, illustrated keys, high qualityphotos, blogs/twitter,and podcasts.In short, my philosophy is 1)the use of knowledge to address current agricultural problems; 2) the assertionthat such knowledge must be obtained by empirical research procedures; and 3)the affirmation that this knowledge should be conveyed to stakeholders and thegeneral public with relevant outreach and education programs and services.I fully understand the benefits of basic research frommy own firsthand experience, but I want my work to have immediate applicationand influence on agriculture. writing reports about theprogress to the funding agencies.I fully understand the benefits of basic research frommy own firsthand experience, but I want my work to have immediate applicationand influence on landowners, natural resource managers, and others. In addition to research, I devoted a large amount of mytime towards outreach activities.

  I organized field days for areaschools, conducted classroom visits, and participated in 4-H youth events andexpos.Through these efforts kids gained a much betterappreciation for the  Lunch and Learn: 1,2…Eyes on You: Classroom Management, Crowd Control and How to Rock Any OutreachPresentation