I party on Saturday and they want to get


I spend countless hours on my
phone procrastinating from homework and cleaning. Every time I hear a phone
vibrate I jump on my phone to find out what it is. For me social media has
become very addicting it distracts me from what is in front of me. “One thing
that makes a social media cleanse so difficult is that every time we log on,
every notification we get is an addictive substance. It’s just like any drug”
-Kim Stolz.

I often find myself lost in my
phone ,I am so engrossed in social media that I don’t even realise that other
people are in the room .Hours would go by and I would think I was on my phone
for a few minutes .The amounts of times I have been in a room with other people
my age and we sit there on our phones and instead of talking like normal people
and having real life deep and emotional conversations .We sit on our phones ,separately
by ourselves .

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When I put things up on social
media daily it was easy for me to start comparing my life to others. I started
to judge my life and others .I often forget the difference between actual life
and virtual ones .Not a day goes by without me seeing a perfect picture of a
model who has a perfect body and perfect skin and hair .The picture would get
thousands of likes and the celebrity would have millions of followers .It often
depressed me as I don’t get thousands of likes on a single picture or I don’t have
millions of followers .Little did know that it takes these celebrities 100
photos to get one they half like .I have seen first-hand the effects this have
on young girls . I have watched my friends counting the calories on everything
they eat. I have seen them starving themselves because they have a party on
Saturday and they want to get a good photo for Instagram. They want to be thin
and pretty like the models. I have seen girls hung over a toilet seat after
eating a meal trying to un-eat it. They effect these celebrities have on young
girls is much greater than anyone thought. But again, its addicting we feel
left out if we didn’t see Kim Kardashian latest picture. I feel that we try to
act, look and know about everything that is going on and it is addicting, and
it can be too much to handle.

I am constantly thinking about
what am I going to post next, who will I tag in the photo, what app is going to
give me the next notification. Like a drug addicted looking for his next fix ,I
am continuously thinking about the next time I will like a recent on Instagram
or the next time I will open a snapchat .I tried to go a day without going on
my phone and it was the longest day of my life .Social media is so addicting every
text , every notification , every sound, every Bing, every like, every comment,
every Snapchat is like giving an alcoholic a beer .

We live in a time where if
someone doesn’t have Facebook or a snapchat account they are considered an
outcast and are looked down upon one way or another. Social media can be highly
addictive. According to a survey almost 90% 
of Facebook user felt that they cannot start their day on a good note if
they don’t check their profile .I can confirm that this statement is true as I
cannot get out of bed before I check my newsfeed on Facebook, open my snapchats
on snapchats and like all my friends recent on Instagram .This is
time-consuming and can often make me late and put me in trouble with my mam. Sorry

If my phone or laptop was taken from
me I would feel powerless as if I had lost a leg or a hand. I would feel
completely unease as I would not know what is going on in everyone’s life is
would not know if I am missing out on something and I would not know who if
anyone was trying to contact me. I would feel anxious and agitated.

The Logical thing to do in a
situation like this is to delete yourself from social media but I know from
experience that it is hard to do so as it is addicting. Not a day goes by without
me using my phone. I try to put my phone down to start my homework but there is
always another video to watch or a text to open .its half ten at night and I’m
scrolling through my newsfeed ,I know I should go to sleep as I have to get up
at six for school .now it half three in the morning and I’m still online and I have
to get up in just over two hours .Sometimes I feel that my phone is stuck to my
hand it is as if someone superglued It and I cannot let go.

Social media comes in many
different forms but is becoming easier for it to take over our lives. Social
media hand technology has come so far. We have information at our fingertips,
we can talk to people from the other side of the world and it has never been
easier to stay in touch with friends and family. Social Media along with
everything can be a blessing and a curse. Social Media can be a scary and
addictive place. Apps and websites such as Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram
make it so much easier to communicate with people. A downside of this is when
people take advantage and become keyboard warriors and cyberbullies. Many
people use social media to send mean and nasty comments to people. They send
them with no remorse, there is no emotion involved as the bully cannot see the
effect that they are having on their victim. This allows them to send meaner
and nastier comments without thinking twice about it. I would call them
keyboard warriors as I believe that they don’t have the bravery and the
confidence to say the comments face to face and in real life. I believe that
they are cowards if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all and
especially don’t post it on Facebook or Instagram for more people to see and
blow the problem out of proportion in the words of Erin Bury “Don’t say
anything online that you wouldn’t want plastered on a billboard with your face
one it” .Snapchat has software that allows us to send pictures and the
disappear after 10 seconds. So, if the bulls use social media the content is
gone after 10 seconds and we have no proof of the nasty and horrid messages
that we are sent it makes us feel inferior and defeated. It is true that it has
made connectivity and staying in touch with a friend much easier, but it has
made cyberbullying super easy. People find it easier to mock and ridicule
others from behind their screens. The number of suicides has dramatically
increase ever since people started to use social media as it made it easier for
people to hind behind and still make people feel terrible about themselves.
This has atrocious effects on everyone in the person’s life.

Alcohol was his addiction.
Everyone has an addiction and social media is mine. Social Media is websites
and applications that enable users to create and share content or to
participate in social networking.

The half opened depleted curtains
allowed a small amount of lucent light to crack through the window into the
dark gloomy room. The light crept from the dusty floor, up the ragged wooden
table leg until it met with an old man who sat on a cracked chair staring
hopelessly into the pile of bottles which he drank during his all-night
drinking binge wondering how he got himself into this awful state again.