I My routine is extremely different. I am self-employed,

I am living in Nowherville, where I come from life is
mundane. The lives of the inhabitants are like a hamster on a spinning wheel. I
feel like a complete alien to the inhabitants. I look, feel, act and think
differently from everyone else. It seems as though people think I live in a
world of my own. That is when I realised the world can be an amazing place when
you are slightly strange.

When you are different, special or as strange as I am all actions
are deemed demonic and rhetoric in the eyes of the onlookers. I wear black
clothing and suddenly people jump to conclusions and accuse me of being a goth,
ghoul or someone that is a cult. If I dye my hair then the inhabitants
instantaneously start to judge me, they reckon that I am too modern. People
look at me as though I have come from an alternate timeline.

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The way people of Nowhereville stigmatize, label me or simply call
me names are branded to me like a blistering iron rod. Yet little do people
know that when you are as different or bizarre as I am your world inevitably
becomes an astonishing place.

The lack of variety in Nowhereville is so engulfing, it feels
as though I struggle to come up to breath whilst drowning. Therefore, if you
are as different as I am life can be enjoyable

The inhabitants are so ritualistic. They do the same old
thing every day. People of Nowhereville have this habit that they must shower a
certain time every morning and if they don’t they are disorientated for the entire
day. They are like robots infected with a malware virus.

There routine is the same every day, three hundred and sixty-five
days a year. During the week if you are fifteen or above you must go work. on Saturdays
teenagers go to the malls to buy stationery or groceries for the coming week. On
Sunday is homework day for those still at school or studying and those not in school.
Those who work during the week clean their household.

My routine is extremely different. I am self-employed, and I
only work three days a week. I live life as it comes, and I take risks. I tell
stories to my garden in the hopes that it will grow faster and start flourishing
with different colours.

I just feel people shouldn’t be afraid of being different,
they should be afraid of being the same as everyone else.

Therefore, I reject the ideals, rituals and the boring life
of Nowhereville. I do not want to be part of their rigid clockwork of life.
Although my arms will be wide open for anyone who decides to bring some colour
in their life. My house will be open for those who do no good to me because the
true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him no good.

Your world can also be an amazing, extravagant and stunning
place if you are as different or as strange as I am.