I if you can support my education with full

I am so blissful to apply for Master’s study in Robotics and Intelligent Systems, hoping to take this opportunity To move to a new level of my scientific life. I am Eleyan Saed and i graduated from Al-Azhar university, Gaza , one of the top-ranked universities in Palestine, holding BSc degree in Mechatronics engineering. After my graduation, I have been training as a site engineering with United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine (UNRWA) to increase my experience after graduation and to apply BSc courses practically.After careful summary of the master program you are providing within your University, I believe curriculum totally suits my motives, and therefore I’d like to get chance to attend the program. Due to My bad financial situation I actually had not been competent to continue my studies inside my country or overseas, since I’ve always been unable of fund my studies. Therefore, I am very thankful to discover scholarship to boost my education.

Knowledge gained on the studies in your College or university I see as a fantastic career opportunity, and for that reason I’d be very happy if you can support my education with full or part scholarship ,to help me to can overcome My very bad reality Where my city suffer from very bad economic and political reality, because of the siege. Where I live in the Gaza Strip – Palestine, which is under Israeli occupation This scholarship or grant opportunity I understand it is a fantastic chance to connect between students and scholars from diverse professional and ethnic backgrounds via all the entire world. This sort of networking is vital for integration of different ideas and perspectives regarding diverse global issues.Toward the end I might want to make attention to that I am resolved to the biggest benefit of the scholarship program.

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I trust that this program will increase my expertise, and it will give the opportunity to use my true abilities. Also I feel that as a Masters student at your University, I can benefit from many challenging career opportunities.Indeed I am appreciative for considering my application and I anticipate an ideal answer.