I from the City and prepared all the required

I am extremely interested in ‘Project Assistant’ position at Kerr Wood Leidal AssociatesLtd. where I can find myself a good fit.Currently, I am a Project Coordinator with Ace Group LLC where I manage projectschedules and costs and report to Owner, Supervisor and Project Manager. I coordinatesub trade tasks and communicate legal terms, insurance requirements and other jobspecificrequirements to the contractors. I assisted in securing a grant of $450,000 fromthe City and prepared all the required legal paperwork. I draft and review vendoragreements and maintain digital as wells as paper documentation of all appropriate legalpaperwork (e.

g. vendor contracts, ownership documents, terms of agreement) . I manageand maintain lien waiver maintenance and subcontractor insurance verification.

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I assist incoordinating legal inspection and in obtaining occupancy permit from the City bysatisfying all legal requirements established by the City. I monitor project progress andoversee that duties and services are being performed in compliance with contractualobligations, regulatory agencies and as per the quoted price. Other responsibilitiesinclude preparing documents for loan approval, lawyer appointments and signatures.My daily duties also include creating Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Invoices. Myweekly duties include coordinating administrative tasks such as confidential payrollentries in the software Sage, verifying time sheets, taking meeting minutes, maintainingspreadsheets, gathering legal requirements, performing cost analysis of differentsubcontractors, preparing presentations and assist with marketing initiatives. I alsoarrange travel arrangements to and trade shows and schedule and setup Webinar meetingsand dealer trainings. At my previous job as a Teaching Assistant Coordinator at University of Waterloo, Imanaged confidential information of students and teachers.

I assisted in exam preparationand established course contents as per the guidelines and laws established by theUniversity.Apart from being an excellent communicator, I am enthusiastic and rigorous by nature, aself-starter who likes to get things done and is motivated by my sense of accomplishment.Please find my resumé attached. I look very much forward to an interview opportunity, atwhich time I will be able to provide more information about myself and further expoundupon my strong interest in the position. Thank you in advance for your consideration.