I even made it on the roster but was

I will always be thankful to the gorgeous city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. As a permanent resident currently living in North Carolina I cannot help but sit back and reflect on the place that made me the person I am today. My city was never perfect nor did I want it to be.

I know that it is common for particularly immigrant essay writers to at this point of the essay discuss some drastic move or assimilation into American culture. I’m pretty sure you have read plenty of those essays by now and that you’re looking for something different. So I have decided to talk about an event that changed the way I looked at failure and success, and I owe it all to my city.During my sophomore year in Ethiopia, my friends from high school recommended that I try out for an out of school basketball team for young adults. Taking my friends advice I tried out for the team and even made it on the roster but was by no means a star player. We would do practice twice a week in preparation for league tournaments and I would have to travel to the practice facility on foot which took at least an hour and thirty minutes, but my love for the game and the need to get better fueled my devotion.

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The tournaments were drawing nearer by the second and practices were getting more intense, five players had already been kicked off the team due to their slacking nature and coach about had it with people who stopped trying their hardest.”Hey don’t sweat it” he’d say, “Worst comes to worst we would end the game in a draw.” “Ain’t that right Nebiyu?” Nebiyu had been slacking the last couple of weeks, that meant he had a target on his back and he would have to be extra careful in his actions if he wanted to stay on the team. ” Right.” Nebiyu said optimistically, he had fallen for coach’s trap,it took him a moment to realize that you could never end a basketball game in a draw.

“This is what I mean when I say you guys aren’t ready” Coach said frustratingly,”Here we have a kid who doesn’t even comprehend the basic rules of basketball.””Leave my gym and don’t come back until you understand the meaning behind the game that we bleed for.”What my coach said would stick with me for the rest of my life. To achieve something in life you must first understand what it is you are fighting for. People must first put in the work required to get what they want in life, nothing is owed to you.

Hearing those words has helped me understand why people are successful in life, it is because they put so much time and effort  into the craft that they love most. I hope to someday put in that same amount of work and dedication into what I pursue in college.