I circuits and systems for futuristic applications. I am

Ibelieve that graduate studies at a world class institution like University ofCalifornia San Diego is crucial to realize my ambition of designing robustfuturistic applications and will act as a major step towards my preparation fora doctoral program. UCSD is at the forefront of innovation and also has thebest discipline that matches my goal. I look forward to becoming a part of VLSIgroup at University of California San Diego.As a second choice, I am alsointerested in “Electronic Circuits and Systems”, which includes many fieldsfrom my career at Microchip Technology such as analog mixed signal integratedcircuit design, as well as other areas like Radio Frequency Nano-ElectroMechanical Systems. Therefore an advanced degree in this field will increase myunderstanding, enable me to design applications more efficiently and contributesignificantly to the on-going university research. While my term inMicrochip was showing a great learning curve, personal reasons compelled me to resign my job and relocateto San Diego, California. Due to subsequent maternal obligations, I spent thelast three years dedicated to personal life.

At this stage, I am stimulated toenrich my knowledge, to gain understanding of the latest in VLSI and to explorenew ways to design modern VLSI systems in the gigascale era. I seek to furtherdelve into research and development and aspire to be a R&D VLSI engineerutilizing my expertise and technical knowledge. The Master of Science programin Electrical and Computer Engineering at UCSD with emphasis on “Computer Engineering”is the perfect match for my career aspirations, as it is research oriented andintended to provide intensive technical preparation for R&D. An in-depthknowledge in diverse fields of research like ASIC design, hardware softwareco-design and synthesis methodologies in VLSI CAD will help me achieve myultimate goal of designing circuits and systems for futuristic applications. Iam particularly keen on Prof. Lin’s ongoing research on high performance,energy efficient, programmable VLSI architectures and look forward to learningfrom him. Iam also interested in learning asynchronous design methodologies for buildingmodular lower power systems and very curious on understanding current researchon the application of analog VLSI to neural computing.Suchhas been my journey that on one hand I have the honor of being an activevolunteer in the organizing committee of workshops and conferences held in mycollege and on the other, I have the credit of standing first in my class andbeing applauded for the same.

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My illustrious tenure in Amrita secured me seventh rank for M.Tech at theuniversity level. Further I was fortunate to join Microchip Technology as fullchip analog verification engineer in the 16-bit microcontroller division, wheremy deep-rooted interest in VLSI and logical programming ability facilitatedextraordinary performance, illustrated by the first pass silicon success of thehigh performance Digital Signal Controller project that I verifiedexhaustively. My ability to complete tasks rapidly and impeccably allowed me toprogress through various phases of full chip analog verification such as developmentof verification plan for a chip, electrical rule checks, equivalence check ofcritical macros, sub system simulations to verify functionality and connectivity,power ramp up/down simulations and current consumption of the chip during powerdown modes.

I also took this opportunity to learn about a number of complex analogmodules and familiarize with their design in less than two years. Moreover, Ideveloped technical expertise in many industrial tools such as Cadence Virtuoso,Cadence Spectre AMS Designer, Hspice, Finesim, Synopsys VCS, Modelsim,Insight Analyser and StarvisionPro. I worked extensively with other teams on newmethodologies and methodology improvements, delivered presentations to theglobal team, proving myself as a team player.