I at TIU is it offers course which is

I am writing this essay to apply to the English Track Program in Business Economics as I always want to widen my horizon in this field in order to accomplish my future dream. I come from a family that both my parents used to work for the national army. After changing occupation, my mother is currently working for a private company. Although I was not born in a family with business background, I have shown great interest in economics since I was young. When I was in secondary school, I started selling handmade goods on my own to all my friends and some customers. Even though it was not successful, this very first lesson taught me how to adjust small things such as start-up capital, profits and losses.

To begin with, the reason why I hope to study at TIU is it offers course which is suitable with my expectation as I have mentioned. Moreover, I will have opportunity to develop my academic ability in a highly international learning environment, with approximately 1000 students coming from over 50 nations around the world. I strongly believe that during four school-year in your school, I will be able to participate in students’ clubs as well as volunteer work in order to know more about cultures and life skills from friends and teachers. Additionally, joining in intensive Japanese language course which is offered by your university allows me to improve my skills in both languages.In a speech in 2005 at Stanford University, Steve Jobs said: “Stay hungry, stay foolish”. It is a quote that foster me to follow my dream in financial studies.

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However, having passion is not everything, I consider hard-working, practice and experience as the main factors. Therefore, I want to challenge myself to explore capabilities to find truly value that I am looking for. Besides passion, learning business offers me a lot of occupation varying in various fields such as marketing, human resources, thus  I will be able to aqquire knowledge in depth. Last but not least, economy plays its vital role in the world nowadays. Studying in Japan allows me to experience and turn theories into practice in their collective capitalism which makes  Japan economy different from other country.My academic goal is to graduate Business Economics course in your university as I will have chance to study everything in details. After graduation, I wish to study further in finance, which would lead me to more opportunities in the future.

Learning Business Economic at TIU will allow me to approach theoretical knowledge and develop other skills such as analytical one. Having studied at a university located near Tokyo, I will have more chances to obtain the spirits of Japan, which has its economy ranked number three in the world. Professional learning environment is a sure foundation for my success in the future as a global citizen. I believe with all my knowledge gained through my learning process at TIU will be a helpful tool in contributing and enhancing Japan – Vietnam relations.