I are terrible, but this also shows how far

I found that chapter one of “The New Jim Crow” by Michelle Alexander was really interesting, and opened my eyes on how slavery and jim crow came to be. One thing I found really interesting was how the planters growing demand on labor was “met through slavery” (23). The fact of slavery meeting this demand of labor was not the surprising part, but the part where they were considering native americans and european immigrants as slaves. They decided against the native because they were too keen to fight back, and they did not want to enslave european immigrants because they did not want to interfere with the europeans immigrating to the colonies voluntarily. This meant the planters went for africans and shipped them from african to the new colonies. This is no justification for a human being to enslave another human being, but to the white folks that lived around this time thought the native americans and blacks were less than human. Newspapers and books depicted these people as savages and a lesser race than whites, so mit was okay to enslave and murder these people. “This concept of race is a relatively new concept” and this was being used to separate black people from whites. Africans were not only picked to be slaves because they were a lesser race, but also picked because blacks that were shipped from africa did not know the culture and speak english, so they were less likely to revolt against the planters. This was a huge problem for the planters cause blacks and white indentured slaves had revolted before like the case the nathaniel Bacon’s rebellion where he gathered white and black slaves to rebel against the planters. This method of bringing slaves that can not communicate with the white folks prove to eliminate the problem of the slaves revolting with the white indentured servants and help meet the planters demand of labor. These things are terrible, but this also shows how far planters and people in general would go to benefit themselves at the cost of blacks and native americans. This also makes me wonder why the slaves that were shipped from africa did not revolt like the indentured servants did like Bacon’s rebellion and many more cases?