I and support to the staff but it also

I came
across an informative and comprehensively written article on the mistakes we
made while using the spread sheets that was written by “PricewaterhouseCoopers
(PWC)” under the title of “Spreadsheet Mistakes”. It states that the use of
spreadsheets is a common practice in any business entity and this use does not
limit to accounting and finance functions only. Almost every business division
uses these sheets to record and present the required information. The use of
these spreadsheets provides an impressive help and support to the staff but it
also has its issues that need to be bear in mind. At first the use of these
spreadsheets are practically for the small businesses only as your business
grows you need to have a developed system that not just record your business
information but also present this recorded information in multiple aspect to
many users, a function that lacks in excel spreadsheets. Further the more the
business depends on spreadsheets, the more are the chances for errors and most
of time these are human errors that distorts the information. The other issue
is the risk of unauthorized access to these sheets, if are not protected
properly. The ease to change the information in spread sheets further increase
the chance to lose your information to any unauthorized person.

These all factors has
helped me to look at the use of spreadsheets with a different prospect as these
sheets are easy to use but are also open to any manipulations that distorts the
data stored in these sheets. So I will try to implement the standard procedures
like the provision of proper training before the use to these sheets and
control the unauthorized access to these sheets through the use of passwords (PWC, 2016).

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