I and concepts in more depth and clarity. His

Iam very glad to write this formal letter of recommendation for Mr. SiddharthJain.

I have known him for around four years from now as my student pursuinghis under-graduation. I hope my understanding about him adds value to your evaluatingprocess. Mr.SiddharthJain has been my student since day one of his under-graduation course. I havebeen his tutor and monitored his performance for two major subjects – Wireless& Mobile Communication and Data Communication & Networking. His sincerityand determination towards his education got my attention and left footprint.

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Heis a student with curiosity which enables him to understand the subject andconcepts in more depth and clarity. His willingness to take up responsibilityin group projects and contribute has been incredible.Academically,Siddharth has maintained good score and exhibited improvement throughout thecourse. On several occasions, he approached me to discuss at length thepractical application on the subject taught in class.

Observing him, in theclass as well as in laboratories, I can say that his eagerness of learning thenew things and correlating those things with the day to day life, differentiateshim from the other students. Iwould like to pitch an incident, Mr. Siddharth Jain had made a presentation on”Loon For All”. The presentation caught attention of all the participants.

Hispresentation skill and idea was incredibly outstanding. This skill got him moreopportunities and made him represent the college at National Level TechnicalPaper Presentation held by association of Institution of Electronics &Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) at Universal College of Engineering, Vasai,India.Iam confident that Mr. Siddharth Jain will do extremely well in his MasterProgramme given an opportunity. Also, he would bag in wonderful experience andbenefit himself growing successful at your esteemed institute.

I would stronglyrecommend him for admission at your institute. On requirement of additionalinformation, do contact me for your assistance.