Hygiene, of not paying attention to small details. People

Hygiene, specifically
oral health, is considered as a necessity for humans. Maintaining personal
hygiene is important for various reasons such as personal, social, health,
psychological or simply as a way of life. The factors mentioned are part of the
factors to keep note of. This helps humans to feel comfortable and safe from unnecessary
circumstances in terms of their health. Keeping a good standard of hygiene
helps to prevent the development and spread of infections, illnesses and bad
odors. However, not many Filipinos may consider it as a priority. Filipinos are
distracted by the many things before them, wherein they tend to overlook the
consequences of not paying attention to small details. People are already keen
on the importance of washing hands and keeping our household clean, but we tend
to let things slip when it comes to the state of our oral health and proper
dental care. Not much attention is given to it, for it is not deemed necessary
for the majority.

            According to the study conducted by
the Department of Health  (DOH, NMEDS
199), about 92.4% has tooth decay, while 78% have gums disease and bad breath.
On another note, according to NOHS (NOHS, 2006), 74% of children and adult
alike suffer from irreversible dental disease as they approach puberty or
adulthood. With that being said, it is indeed alarming for Filipinos with
regards to their oral condition.

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            In general, dental infection do not
immediately cause disability or even death. However, these conditions can
weaken bodily defenses and serve as portals of entry to other more serious and
potentially dangerous systemic diseases and infections. Serious conditions may
halt an individual from performing and or troubling the function of their
bodies. Deformities in terms of oral health may disturb speech, which is strong
enough to affect ones nutrition, social interactions, income, self-esteem or
any of the like. For the teenagers of this generation and for the future ones,
poor oral health poses detrimental effects on school performance making it
difficult for them to catch up given the circumstances. In the Philippines,
toothache is a common ailment among schoolchildren, and is the primary cause of
absenteeism from school (Araojo 2003, 103-110).