Hurricane Texas, Louisiana, Belize, and more. They both took

 HurricaneKatrina and Hurricane Harvey are two very devastating events that happened inthe United States of America. Hurricane Katrina affected the areas of south andcentral Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi which is most of southeastern NorthAmerica.

Hurricane Harvey affected Texas, Louisiana, Belize, and more. Theyboth took lives, destroyed homes, and affected many many people.  Theywere both the costliest hurricane and before Hurricane Harvey happened in 2017,Hurricane Katrina was the costliest in 2005.

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Formation of Hurricane Katrina             Hurricane Katrina started on August 23,2005 when the National Hurricane Center in Miami made the first observationabout the tropical depression southeast of the Bahamas. On August 24, 2005, thehurricane got the name of Katrina. As the storm was 230 miles off the coast ofMiami , the winds were blowing about 40 miles an hour. On August 25, 2005, theyhave now considered Katrina a hurricane which reached the winds of 75 miles anhour and making the hurricane category one. Katrina was predicted to makelandfall around 5pm andaround 7 winds were starting to destroy landscapes as they were blowing upwardsof 80 miles per hour.

The eye of the storm was around 70 miles northwest of theFlorida Keyes on August 26, 2005. By August 27 Katrina had been upgraded to a category 3. Everyone in New Orleans wasbeing evacuated by August 28, 2005 as the storm had been upgraded two moretimes to a category 5 hurricane with winds exceeding 175 miles per hour.Because of this classification New Orleans was preparing for extreme devastation.Formation of Hurricane Harvey            On August 17, 2017 Harvey received its name just 6 hours afterbeing discovered as the National Hurricane Center saw the possibility of a bigstorm. On August 19 Harvey was reduced to a cyclonic circulation with windsless than 75 miles per hour.

On August 24th Harvey received hurricane statusand became a category 2 hurricane before the end of the day. On the 25th Harveywas upgraded to a category 3 storm and just a few hours later they had upgradedHarvey again to a category 4. Harvey was now only 45 miles from land and by the26th Harvey maintained category 4 status and ravaged Texas causing recordflooding upwards of 25 inches. By August 30 Harvey hits Louisiana which is thesecond time the storm has reached land this time leaving around 10 inches ofwater.Saffir-Simpson’s Scale             TheSaffir-Simpson scale is a 1 to 5 scale of how devastating a hurricane will bebased upon wind speed and storm power.

Both Katrina and Harvey were devastatingstorms both on and off the coast. Hurricane Katrina actually reached category 5levels off the coast of New Orleans on August 28, 2005 however by the time itreached landfall it was reduced to a category 3 when it hit Bay St. Louis onAugust 29, 2005. Harvey on the other hand never maxed out on the scale butmaintained a category 4 rating through sea onto landfall in Rockport, Texas onAugust 25, 2017.

The main difference between the two here is that Katrinaactually reached category 5 status but was downgraded before land and Harvey washigher when it made landfall maintaining category 4 status.Unusual Features KatrinaWithHurricane Katrina on the way to New Orleans, they should’ve been able toevacuate everyone way before the hurricane as New Orleans has been hit sixtimes in the past century.  It was thelargest hurricane to hit since 1992 and was also the most costly hurricane inhistory at its time.Unusual FeaturesHarveyIt was the worst hurricane in history. It caused fewer deathsthan Katrina because they had a longer warning to evacuate people from Texas.Reasons why it made new headlinesAs the media grows so does it headlines andinformation is more readily available and spreads much faster. Both of thesehurricanes made many headlines as they were both the most devastating storms interms of physical and monetary damage at the time that they hit. Katrina wasthe most deadly in history with over 1,800 deaths.

By the time hurricaneKatrina made landfall hundreds of thousands of people were displaced and morethan three quarters of the city was flooded. Many thousands of people were notable to flee the city and took refuge at the superdome in New Orleans. Oil wasalso a big headline as 44 major facilities were shut down and affected and 7million gallons of oil were spilled. Perhaps the largest headline other thanhuman life and personal damage was that the flooding was in part because of afailed system of water containment structures that were not engineered to holdwater like they should have been. Hurricane Harvey saw many of the sameheadlines as Katrina however due to the proliferation of social mediaeverything was out there for the world to see. Many people showed their supportfor those affected by Harvey and also showed their mistrust for some of thelarge disaster relief entities. Many set money to local supporters or createdtheir own groups to send money directly to the people rather than through anagency.

Harvey caused almost 200 billion dollars worth in damages and claimedthe lives of close to 100 people. It was the first major hurricane to makelandfall following a 12 year drought. Many third world countries were alsoaffected with lots of damage and widespread loss of power, while a few yearsago we may have not even heard of this but with social media we see pictures ofthe countries and it brings it to real life for many of us.Descriptions about HarveyHurricaneHarvey people who needed shelter were sent to the largest Houston shelter whichheld 11,000 people, which is twice the amount that it is supposed to hold.People were sleeping on towels because they didn’t have enough beds foreveryone. Over 50,000 people went to government-paid hotels.

  They turnedthe Toyota center into an overflow for families with children who didn’t havepressing medical needs. Hurricane Harvey dumped approximately 27 trilliongallon of water on Texas and Louisiana. Hurricane Harvey started out astropical wave near the Caribbean sea. In 12 years (2005), Hurricane Harvey was the first majorhurricane to hit with a Category 4 rating.

Hurricane Harvey caused upwards of$180 billion in damages, that is more than any other hurricane reported evensurpassing the previous hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Harvey had 91 Fatalities.There were 203,000 homes that were damage and 12,700 were destroyed. They had80 tractor-trailer loads of supplies delivered to them once the hurricane wasover. They received 51.88 total inches in rainfall.

Descriptions about KatrinaHurricaneKatrina caused large impacts on a ton of people. They used the Louisiana Superdomeas a shelter of last resort which served as a shelter for about 9,000 peopleand 550 National Guardsmen. With rescuers bringing in people from the storm theLouisiana Superdome got up to about 15,000 people which they brought suppliesthat would cover around 15,000 people but only for three days. By August 29th nearly 80 percent ofthe city was under some quantity of water, and they rescued about 34,000people. Hurricane Katrina causing $108 billion in damages. They noticed thatKatrina had begun 200 miles of the coast of the Bahamas.  HurricaneKatrina had between 1,245-1,836 fatalities.

About 800,000 houses were destroyedor damaged in the storm. Hurricane Katrina received about 5 to 10 inches ofrain.Responses by Government Katrina            Afterthe first four days when Katrina hit landfall, President George W.

Bush signeda $10.4 billion aid packed and got 7,200 National Guard troops. Then herequested another $51.8 billion to help them out. Louisiana department oftransportation signed a agreement to help people who couldn’t get out of thecity on their own.

They have learned 17 lessons once they reviewed Katrina, aswell as 125 specific recommendations, and 11 critical actions to be completedbefore June 1, 2006. Responses by Government Harvey            The FEMA had provided more than 1.9million meals, liters of water, 4,700 blankets, and more than 1,400 cots toTexas. They sent to Louisiana more 416,000 meals, and liters of water. The redcross had more than 2,000 disaster workers on the ground and people from theMexican Red Cross to help support shelter, aid and help connect with Spanishspeaking disaster survivors.

President Trump issued a declaration to helpfederal agencies help Texas. The Coast Guard deployed 50 aircrafts, 75 boats,and other items which help rescue 11,022 people and 1,384 pets. The departmentof Health and Human Services Deployed more than 1,110 medical equipment andsupplies to help out.