Hunting do and you learn how to survive in

Hunting has been around since earth began. Early humans and animals hunted for a way of survival. Hunting is one of the unique ways to get exercise as well. Depending on the state you live in you may have to get a state license(s) in forward to hunt. Hunting is one of the few ways to keep animals away from unwanted areas, also it’s one of the ways to keep their population down. Many people like hunting since it’s fun to do and you learn how to survive in the wild. One of the pros of hunting is when you get your hunt licenses and you buy hunting equipment it helps purchase land for animals. If an animals is injured or starving you help them by killing them so they don’t have to suffer. The meat of the animal is usually eaten by the hunter, sometimes it’s sold. Other parts of the animal animal is also sold. If you’re going to hunt on a national wildlife refuge you may be required to have a license to hunt there. Hunting is one of the ways to keep population in control. While hunting you’re getting a good exercise and knowledge of the outdoors. Most big game hunter usually don’t wop out an entire population of animals. Hunting can help reduce automotive accidents every year. It is illegal to hunt animals that are endangered. If you were to hunt an endangered species, the fine is $50,000 and/or one year is prison, depending on the animal. Before hunting big game, every hunter need proper training. People need to learn how to hunt properly. While being train people learn how to handle and shoot firearms and archery. You’ll learn responsibilities before, during, and after a hunt. The federal government controls al laws on buying forearms. Parent or guardian must buy and register the firearm for young hunters. By law hunters must pay local taxes and states taxes for hunting equipment. Hunters should not take an unfair advantage of big game. If an animal cannot escape or is eating illegal bait then you shouldn’t kill it. The Punishment for this is $200 to $100 and 5 to 90 years in jail. In most states beginning hunters must take an official state training program. After completing and passing the course they must go and buy a hunting license. Federal laws prohibit the killing of migrating game. Just like pros there are cont to hunting as well. Common animals can suffer from hunting. Mother bears are often shot while taking care of their cubs. When the mother dies the cub has little to no chance in surviving since it will be much harder to get food, and it will be easier for them to get killed by a predator.  Several states allow hunters to hunt bears when they just got out of hibernation. This is unfair since the bears just woke up and are gonna get kill. There have been plenty of people who hunted wolves and bears and just left them on the ground to be eaten by birds. Sometimes the hunter will just take their pelts and leave the rest. The hunter is wasting meat they could have sold or have eaten themselves. Over hunting can cause a species to go extinct or become endangered. Hunting can be dangerous, but if you involve alcohol then hunting can be way more dangerous.  Lots of people have turned hunting into a sport which isn’t right. Like Trophy hunting it is wrong, especially if you hunt for rare and/or exotic animals. People shouldn’t hunt just for fun, hunting should be done to get food to eat. Not every animal you shoot once will die with that one bullet, this causes a lot of pain to the animal. Sometimes they will run away and hide. Also some predators will attack back, like bears. Hunters prefer to hunt for the strongest and healthiest animal when they should be hunting for the weak animals.  Keeping the weak animals is really bad since they won’t last long in the wild and they can’t reproduce. While hunting sometimes dogs can go missing and can get hurt by predators. While hunting an accident can occur. You could accidentally injure or kill any animal like, cows, horses, dogs, cats, and humans. When it comes to hunting there is always one winner. Most of the time it is the hunter. Tons of lead from bullets contaminated the land that is around it, animals will get sick from eating contaminated plants. What I think about hunting is we shouldn’t do it unless you are only hunting to eat. The reason why I say this is because people and animals could get hurt, lead positioning and people are turning hunting into a sport. People shouldn’t be doing this since it’s pretty much wasting food. I get it if you hunt to eat the food but you should hunt just because you want the animal’s pelt, their head, or just to hunt them and leave them on the ground. If you are wanting to go hunt then you should probably hunt for weak animals. Weak animals can’t survive for long, besides if you take out all the strong animals and only keep the weak ones then animals would less like reproduce. There are plenty of ways to keep animals out of areas you don’t want them in. Yes there is times were they will wonder around for food but doesn’t mean you should kill them. You can use fences, deterrents and repellents to try to keep deer, bears, wolves, and other animals out of places. This is the reason why I think we shouldn’t hunt animals.