Human how in Thailand? Children are sold to people

Trafficking in Thailand

 In Thailand we see that this destination exploitative
Human Trafficking especially in Thailand’s market place. Where children, women
and men are sold into slave labor.

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How did the
Human rights issue come about in Thailand?

trafficking in Thailand is very prominent in the Greater Sub-Mekong Region.

Other reason is
poverty, lack of an education, awareness or dysfunctional families.

Victims of human
trafficking are constantly sold and moved to different places.




Who does it
affect and how in Thailand?

Children are
sold to people and forced to do slave labor, like selling flowers on the
street, working on fishing boats, or sold into prostitutions.

Women are sold
and are also forced into slave labor, domestic work (like maids), or into

Young men are
taking and forced to work on fishing boats and work in harsh conditions.

All of them are
mistreated or killed because they can no longer work or get sick.


How does it
affect human rights?


It affects the
Human rights of individuals who were taking without their consent.

The people who
have taking them, have taking their rights away to defend themselves or speak
for themselves and force them to do slave labor, prostitutions and working on
fishing boats.




How is the
United States responding to the issue of Human Trafficking in Thailand?


The U.S
government has a diplomatic tool for Human Trafficking by filling out a report
called Trafficking in Person Report (TIP).

The U.S.

Government then shares this information with other nations to help combat the
issue of Human Trafficking.

Human Trafficking
effects everyone all over the world, whether they live in Thailand or they are
visiting from another country.


How are other
countries’ government responding to the problem of Human Trafficking Thailand?


The Thai prime
minister has meetings with Human Rights organizations to try to end Human
Trafficking in Thailand.

The prime
minister has acknowledged that they need to do better to protect the public.

Also, to improve
inter agency coordination to address Human Trafficking.


The responses giving
how are they relating to the foreign policy spectrum on how you approach your
studies in the lesson? (isolationism, diplomacy, interventionism, and


That nations
including the United States have come together to stop Human Trafficking which
in turn is interventionism on behalf of the people in Thailand and neighbor

That different Nations
have come together and created programs to stop Human Trafficking.

This is called imperialism
as these nations are not taking over countries like Thailand but to help the
people of Thailand and other countries to stop Human Trafficking.




Are the efforts
of governments including the United States and international organizations successful?


No, the Thai
government along with Human Rights organizations try very hard to catch the bad
guys but when one bad guy goes away another one takes his place.

Resources need
more improvement to catch bad guys who exploit young people, especially children
and women.


What would be the
recommendation to help better address the issue of Human Rights?


Put a lot of
resources out to the public and tell the public to be vigilante and to stay in
groups when out in the market place.

When looking at advertisement
for something that seems to good to be true ( like modeling or dancing), the
public needs to think twice about it. Like the old saying goes ” If it seems to
good then it is a lie and the bad guys are trying to lure the person in. .