Human fishing boats, or sold into prostitutions. Women are

HumanTrafficking in Thailand In Thailand we see that this destination exploitativeHuman Trafficking especially in Thailand’s market place. Where children, womenand men are sold into slave labor.  Origins: When did theHuman rights issue come about? Humantrafficking in Thailand is very prominent in the Greater Sub-Mekong Region.

Other reason ispoverty, lack of an education, awareness or dysfunctional families. Who does itaffect and how in Thailand?Children aresold to people and forced to do slave labor, like selling flowers on thestreet, working on fishing boats, or sold into prostitutions.Women are soldand are also forced into slave labor, domestic work (like maid), or intoprostitutions.Young men aretaking and forced to work on fishing boats and work in harsh conditions.

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All of them aremistreated or killed because they can no longer work or get sick.  In what way doesit affect human rights? It affects theHuman rights of individuals who was forcible taking without their consent. Thepeople who have taking them, have taking their rights away to defend themselvesand force them to do slave labor, prostitutions and working on fishing boats. Responses How is theUnited States responding to the issue of Human Trafficking? The U.Sgovernment has a diplomatic tool for Human Trafficking by filling out a reportcalled Trafficking in Person Report (TIP). The U.S.

Government then shares this information with other countries to help combat theissue of Human Trafficking.Human Traffickingeffects everyone all over the world, whether they live in Thailand or they arevisiting. How are othercountries government inside and outside responding to the problem? The Thai primeminister has meetings with labor and civic organization to try to end HumanTrafficking.The primeminister has acknowledged that they need to do better to protect the public.Also, to improveinter agency coordination to address Human Trafficking. How are theresponses relating to the foreign policy spectrum on how you approach your studiesin the lesson? (isolationism, diplomacy, interventionism, and imperialism) That nationsincluding the United States have come together to stop Human Trafficking whichin turn is interventionism.That differentcountries have come together and created programs to stop Human Trafficking.

This is called imperialismas these nations are not taking over countries but to help societies.  Evaluation Are the effortsof government and international organizations successful? No, the Thaigovernment along with organizations try very hard to catch the bad guys butwhen one goes away another one takes his place.Resources needmore improvement to catch bad guys who exploit young people, especially children. What would beyour recommendation to help better address the issue of Human Rights? To me we need totry to infiltrate the Human Trafficking business and see how the people run itand slowly arrest the bad guys but also have legit proof of what they havedone.Put a lot ofresources out to the public and tell the public to be vigilante and to stay ingroups when out.