Hui security awareness. For secure data exchange and to

Hui Suo et al. 9 provides the procedures to keep the IoT system secure security as per the IoT layer basis. As he defines IoT has four layers and strongly recommend the security of all the layers to keep an IoT system secured. Andrea et al. 3 also suggest the security approaches as per layer basis. However, Andrea et al. 3 defines IoT has three layers. Both strong emphasis on secure authentication, data encryption, cryptographic algorithms to prevent the system from threat and attacks in each layer.

Hui Suo 9 believes with AES and RSA algorithm Diffie-Hellman and SHA cryptographic algorithm is also effective for security and integrity of the system. Whereas Andrea 3 only mention about AES and RSA. For application layers security Andrea 3 additionally suggest security software and firewall. Weizhe Zhang 5 proposed his own security architecture for a secure IoT system. They propose a two-dimensional security architecture in which the security is based on environment: perceptual layer, network security layer, middleware layer and application layer.

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And then divided by the function on each layer consists of identity security, data security, control safety and safety behavior. Rwan. M et al. 4 proposed the security countermeasures by emphasis on secure authentication, establishing trust, federated architecture and finally security awareness. For secure data exchange and to protect data from theft they also referred for cryptographic algorithm and techniques. They believe if a session introduces each layer of IoT to manage the connection protocol and communication between heterogeneous devices. For that, they want to propose a new layer session layer.

Currently IoT mainly focus on authentication and access control protocol but with the rapid growth of technology they want to incorporate the new networking protocol IPv6 and 5G with it. Monica. B et al. 2 mainly research on the security of WSN and proposed security protocols for wireless sensor network.

They referred to the security protocol, encryption protocol and give special important on ZigBee which is a higher level communication protocol