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How to break bad habits: Everyone has bad habits that stop them to achieve their goals and dreams. Believe it or not, small changes in your daily life can make us succeed to what we want. But if we want to change these we must believe in our self and focus on what we previously couldn’t do in our daily life.

Because our habits affect our daily life and to break them we need to change our way of thinking. How can we change our way of thinking? One of the easiest ways is to develop positive thinking. Most people only have bad thoughts these bad thoughts can only create problems and not live the way we want to. Instead of thinking problems that you can’t solve or things you don’t want to do start thinking of things you want to accomplish or focus on what will make you happy. Start to believe in yourself if you don’t believe no one will. You are in control of the reality you are living.  Here are some tips you can start to do every morning or during the day to eliminate bad thinking: ·       Start to listen to classical music or the music you like.·       Go for a walk.

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·       Start meditation or yoga.·       Replace these bad thoughts with positive every morning at the start of the day.·       Surround yourself with people you love, and you want to be with.·       Read about something you like. ·       Visualize what you want.

·       Understand what triggers the bad habit and then replace it with a better one.  It’s very important to understand that you can’t replace all your bad habits at once you have to focus one habit at a time. The world we are living cannot be changed in one day same with our habits. It’s impossible to change all of them in one day start slowly. It takes willpower to change a habit and understand that you must let go.

For example, if you are smoking you know that is bad for your health but you will smoke because you are “under stress” or “your body needs it” and you can’t stop. It’s almost impossible to stop smoking in one day, but if you make the decision to stop because is bad for you and start smokeless every day eventually you will stop. This won’t be easy and understand that is a hard process, but you can overcome the challenge by making small changes every time.

 Now we must choose what we to change and take a big action. There is no going back after we act making the same mistake again is not a mistake is a decision. We can write it down and write also what we want to accomplish after we give up the habit.

Stay focus on the task you set for a month at least and avoid the places or people that cause this bad habit. You can always ask for help from a friend. After giving up the habit you can now reward yourself for achieving your goal.