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How would you define and measure individuals’ productivity and contribution to the team’s overall result?Individual productivity is nothing but the assessment of an individual’s ability to complete the specific task or to take the necessary actions to accomplish the predefined goals in a certain or less time with more efficiently or its his ability to come up with the new and innovative solutions compared to his significant others.There are various available ways to measure individual’s productivity, they are as follows:• Goals – Setting a goal and actively working towards accomplishing the goal is not limited to middle or higher management only but its everyone in the team who should be aware of the short term and long-term goals because this in turn motivates them and guides them in day today actions.• Time management – As already defined this is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to measure the individual’s productivity, this measures how efficiently and wisely the worker, or an individual have spent or utilized the time allotted to him to complete the tasks and how much time he saved or wasted during his work time.• Output – This measure if the output produced by an individual worker is contributing to team’s overall goal or what is needed from him to come closer to the goal.• Customer feedback – discussion with the concerned customers allows company or teams to focus on the right things and what is demanded from customers which helps management in the team to redefine the tasks and timelines. This is the easiest and most effective way to improve as well as measure individual’s productivity.• Quality vs quantity – although it is hard and difficult to measure the quality, we can at least avoid measuring the individual’s productivity based on quantity or the numbers (e.

g. output measured in numbers like hours spent in office, goods produced, etc.). Measuring the individual’s productivity based on the quality of the output he has delivered is what one should focus more on.• Leadership – Leader must be aware of his roles and responsibilities. He must possess the clear understanding of the goals, vision and the final product or output.

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Since he is the supreme power and all others working under him looks up to him, he plays vital role in deciding individual’s productivity.• Self-involvement – activities such as taking initiative, suggesting innovative ideas or problem-solving attitude, own contribution to team, focusing on meaningful tasks, avoiding blame game, active participation in team meetings, treating fellow colleagues not as competitors but as a friend. These are the things which comes into the picture when measuring productivity.• Accountability and responsibility – if some task is given to an individual or worker or the other way around like if someone has committed to work on something then its his utmost responsibility to act on it and deliver it on time.

This is one of the traditional approaches to measure the individual’s productivity among the team. References: