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Honorable Chairs, fellow delegates, and members of the United Nations,The delegate of Greece acknowledges the devastating situation related to the Syrian refugee crisis,and strongly urges to discuss upon the matter of working as a whole for accommodation andinsurance of safety of the Syrian refugees. Even until now, there are many concerns from theEuropean countries that ruin chances for the refugees of immigrating to European countries toseek safety.

However, the delegate of Greece emphasizes that there should be measures taken toaccept refugees fleeing from conflict and spreading the refugees that are densely packed in certaincountries.Greece is one of the major countries which take part in this situation as a passage country. Thereare approximately 54,000 people inside these refugee camps and the average daily arrivals duringNovember in Lesvos closes in upon approximately 3,300 per day. Countless migrants risk theirown lives to move to another country, to run away from warfare, poverty, and inhumanitydomineering inside their homelands. Migrants plan to meet their family or start a living in placesin Europe, their hopes only to be turned down by European nations threatening to seal theirborders and forcing them to go back. As one of the countries near Syria, Greece has been workingas a temporary shelter for the refugees wanting to go more inside Europe, but has not been able tomanage the abounding amount of people.

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Greece has undergone the worst financial crisis duringthe past decade, and hasn’t been providing safe enough shelters, as the camps are overloaded withfamilies. If other countries inside Europe do not take appropriate actions to admit refugees fleeingfrom the catastrophic state of their homelands, it would end up in a bigger humanitarian problem,with no help for the refugees in or outside the refugee camps. Therefore, the delegate of Greecestates the members to consider deeply upon this agenda and think of the best.Name Kim Dasom (???)Photo(if any)Committee SC(Security Council)Delegation Delegate of GreeceE-mail Address (if any) [email protected] Ways to Restore Order in theFormerly IS-Controlled Region andto Prevent the Reconstruction ofSuch Terrorist GroupsPOSITION PAPERHonorable Chairs, fellow delegates, and members of the United Nations,The delegate of Greece recognizes the threat posed to the international communitytriggered by the dangerous actions of IS, and the chaos brought to the once IS- controlledregions. In many areas, countless civilians are in need of aid, and the destruction of livesis an imminent problem that is rising and if not solved, will not be solved automatically.The welfare of the civilians inside the regions and refugees outside the regions should be apriority. The infrastructures for these people to live in and restoring order inside theregions are important tasks that need to be accomplished as soon as possible.

Also, the aftermath of IS losing its power in the states does not imply that warfare,destruction and the act of terrorism would be stopped. There are still signs that there willbe new warfare and fights for leadership over the vacancy of the formerly IS-controlledregions. Another danger that is hovering over this topic is people influenced by the IS andlaunching terror attacks and massacres inside Western society. The delegate of Greecetherefore highly believes the problem of indigenous terrorists inside the global societyshould also be discussed. It is not that we should oppress the civilians or people related tothe regions and think of them as ‘potential terrorists.

‘ Education may be one of the manysolutions for this problem. Terrorist groups are sure to be formed even after the ISIS hascompletely fallen apart. This should be prevented, and no more attacks against humans byhumans should be taken into action.