His Discovery was a period of global exploration that

His early years he was curious of the ocean and world so when he grows up vasco went explorer And then it came true off he found a new route to the east.He took his men and found a route to the east.vasco was the first.Vasco da Gama was a Portuguese explorer who was the first European to reach India by sea. As the first person to sail directly from Europe to India, he linked Europe and Asia by ocean route, opening up vast trade and political opportunities for the Portuguese who no longer needed to traverse the dangerous and risky routes they previously used to. The discovery of the new sea route enabled the Portuguese to easily reach Asia and establish their colonial rule.

Born as one of the sons of a wealthy knight, Vasco da Gama grew up to be a brave and curious young man. He is believed to have been educated in mathematics and navigation before joining the navy. He first proved his capabilities when King John II of Portugal sent him on a mission to the south of Lisbon and then to the Algarve region of the country to seize French ships in order to prove a political point to the French government which had disrupted Portugal shipping.

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The successful completion of this mission established vasco as a fearless sailor and earned him popularity. Later on when King Manuel ascended to the throne,vaco sent da Gama on a mission to find a maritime route to the East. The successful discovery of the direct sea route to India earned him much respect and vasco was made the Portuguese viceroy in India                            What made him famousThe Age of Discovery was a period of global exploration that started in the early 15th century and was primarily initiated by Prince Henry the Navigator of Portugal. One of the principal aims of the explorers of the period was to find an ocean route between Western Europe and Asia. Vasco da Gama realized that quest to become the first European to link Europe and Asia by a maritime route.

Da Gama’s trip to India which established a maritime route from Europe to Asia had far reaching consequences. It enhanced the European economy through trade with the east, which was previously dominated by Muslims due to their geographical position. It led to an era of European imperialism in the East making European countries world leaders and it also marked the advent of global multiculturalism.Much of that was due to Henry the Navigator, who, at his base in the southern region of the country, had brought together a team of knowledgeable mapmakers, geographers and navigators.

He dispatched ships to explore the western coast of Africa to expand Portugal’s trade influence. He also believed that he could find and form an alliance with Prester John, who ruled over a Christian empire somewhere in Africa. Henry the Navigator never did locate Prester John, but his impact on Portuguese trade along Africa’s east coast during his 40 years of explorative work was undeniable. Still, for all his work, the southern portion of Africa—what lay east—remained shrouded in mystery.