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Hey guys, James here from iOSUniverse.comand in this video I’m going to be bringingyou my ultimate guide for Subway Surfers.I think it’s fair to say that Subway Surfersis a pretty popular game, so chances are,being that we are humans, you want to do betterthan your friends and get as high of a scoreas possible.Well guess what – you’ve stumbled upon a videothat will teach you how to do just that.In this video, I will teach you my top tipsand strategies for earning the highest scorepossible on Subway Surfers.Ok guys, no matter how good you think youare, you are never going to get your highestscore possible within the first few timesof playing the game.It’s important that you take a few tries toget used to the game mechanics within thegame, as well as the controls.It’s pretty simple actually.Simply swipe left or right on your device’sscreen to switch lanes, up to jump, and downthe duck, roll, and cancel a jump.If you don’t know how to play the game, you’renever going to beat your friends who do knowhow to play the game.So first and foremost, familiarize yourselfwith the game mechanics and controls.You’ll be glad you did.After you’ve learned how to actually playthe game, you should start focusing on boostingyour score multiplier.This can be done by completeing a series of3 missions.After you have completed the missions, yourscore multiplier will have been boosted byone, and you get a new set of missions.These missions can be viewed from the pausescreen within the game, or from the missionstab on the main menu.As with all endless runner games, there arecoins you can collect, and things you canspend them on.You should try to collect coins when its safe,and only when its safe.Coins are worth 60 points at the end of thegame, but coins are not worth dying for.So if you see a coin in a hard to reach area,do not try and go for it because you’ll mostlikely die.After you do have a decent amount of coins,it’s important that you spend them wisely,rather than just wasting them.Coins should be spent first on permanent upgradesrather than single use boosts, as these willbe more effective for you in the long run.I recommend first upgrading the score multiplierpower up, then the jetpack powerup, then thecoin magnet powerup.I do not recommend upgrading the super sneakersat all.It’s hard to calculate where you’re goingto fall while using the super sneakers, sousing them makes it very easy to die.As you get further and further into the game,where your character is moving faster andfaster, and there are more obstacles, it’sincreasingly more important that you lookfarther ahead where you’re running.By doing this, you’ll be able to anticipatecertain obstacles coming up, and be able toavoid them.Remember earlier in the video when I saidwe shouldn’t waste our coins?Well, hoverboards cost coins, so we shouldn’twaste our hoverboards either.Hoverboards aren’t just for using for whenyou’re bored of running in your sneakers,they should be used as a tool to protect yourlife.Let’s think of a good example of when to usea hoverboard.Suppose you’re in the middle lane, and yousee a train coming.You switch to the left lane, and suddenlya train appears in the left lane, and you’reunable to switch to the middle lane due tothe train blocking your movement.Now is a good time to use a hoverboard.Otherwise, it’s pretty much a guaranteed death.Of course, if you’re early on in the game,and you don’t have a lot of points, then acceptingdeath and starting over is a decent optionas well.The final tip I have for doing well on SubwaySurfers is to always stay as high off theground as you can.The higher up you are off the ground, theless obstacles there are to get in your wayand end your run.That’s about it for this video.If you found it helpful, please like, andsubscribe to my YouTube channel, and shareit with your friends who play Subway Surfers.And always, please visit my website, iOSUniverse.com,for more information regarding iOS and iOSapplications.Thanks for watching.