Henry he moved to Detroit and started work as

Henry Ford was a memorable man, the founder of the famous Ford Motor
Company. He was the one who revolutionized the modern-day assembly-line style
of production for the Model T cars which became immensely popular. He was not
just a businessman but also an innovator, an inventor who is credited with more
than 100 patents. Unsurprisingly he was also one of the richest people of the

He was born on July, the 30th, 1863 in a family of six people on a farm
in Detroit, Michigan. In his youth he showed an amazing capability to take
reimagine things, tear things apart and then put them back together. He learnt
to repair as well as dismantle a pocket watch which his father had given him
and which earned him the reputation of a watch repairman. Though he lived on a
farm his interests and passion were elsewhere. At the young age of 16, he moved
to Detroit and started work as a machinist. These were the emergent signs of a
potential leader.

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He established the Detroit Automobile Company in the year 1899 in an
attempt to create cars for the masses. But this venture failed and his company
shut down in the year 1901. But he didn’t give up. In 1903, he again
established an auto company, the Ford Motor Company with other investors. The
first model, ‘999’, was a car that rocketed the brand of Ford throughout the
United States of America. His company was known to pay its workers very high
wages for the time, which drew much talent and skills to the company’s
operations. This was a sign of a good leader, as he was at the core of his
being a people’s person.

The breakthrough came when his Ford Model T was designed. The model was
priced very low so it attracted millions of new buyers who had never driven a
car before. In the first 20 years of its production, the total output was over
15 million cars. He was also the founder of the Ford Airplane Company, set up
during the World War I in order to support the United States in the aircraft
production needs of the time. It was later shut down during the troubled times
of the Great Depression because to poor sales. However it never discouraged
Henry from doing what he loved. But as luck would have it , in September, 1945,
his health declined, ad he handed over his company to his grandson. Henry
passed away in the year 1947, at the age 83. He kickstarted  what is today the Ford Motor Company, one of
the largest cars manufacturer in the world with a coverage of over 11,000
dealerships worldwide.

– Why was he a quintessential leader?

From whatever I have read, analysed and understood of of him, I feel he
can teach great leadership lessons to each one of us. Some of them are bsed on
his interpersonal skills, some on his outlook as an innovator and some as hos
extraordinary view as a social practitioner. Henry Ford is known to have valued
his workers very highly and was exemplified by his paying them handsomely. He
also raised the wages of all his employees so that they could also afford the
cars that they were building. As a result his company drew good talent from all
around the region in his company and this lowered the turnover rate.