Having with latest trends. My education and experience have

worked in various sectors namely E-commerce, Education and Consulting in
different geographies, I have come to realize that as data transformation
continues to evolve in today’s dynamically changing environment,
decision-makers are confronted with unpredictability in the face of
international competition.

Learning analytics is a necessity to keep up with latest trends.

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My education and experience have
served as a stepping stone to my passion for analytics.  I pursued my Bachelors in Computer Engineering
at Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology. After graduating with First Class, I kick-started my
career as a Programmer Analyst Trainee at Cognizant.


The first step towards aligning my
career to a highly analytical role was joining the Selection Monitoring team at
Amazon. Here, I was involved in data and text mining by using XPath queries to
add new products to the Amazon catalog. I also designed an automation tool (in
Python) that processed up to 50k rows of data per second and reduced man-hours
by 40%, still continuing to be used today. Facilitating the launch of the
Parts-Finder – a game-changing tool that revamped a user’s search experience on
Amazon further piqued my interest in analytics. I realized the enormous
potential that exists in transforming data to create new experiences for millions
of online users. As my team grew from 3 to 20+ employees, I leveraged this
opportunity to lead, manage and train new members.


my current role in a Marketing Consulting start-up, I gather data to gain
customer insights and provide digital marketing solutions to a diverse set of
clients, driving high quality traffic to websites using Google Adwords and
Analytics. Transforming data to intelligent insights, I optimize campaigns
based on metrics such as conversion rates, cost per lead and keyword patterns. With
alumni from India’s best Business School as my mentors, I am learning to solve
problems from a strategic point of view. Simultaneously, I also got involved
with Teach for India as a Research and Impact intern where I analyzed alumni
data to help fellows identify challenges they faced to adopt career paths.


short-term goal is to become an Analytics Consultant in a Consulting firm by
combining prior experience in consulting with a stronger foundation in
analytics. Long-term, I hope to start my own Analytics firm to harness the
power of data to help companies make better decisions by incorporating
analytics and user behavior. 


knowledge gleaned from an MS BAIM from the prestigious Krannert School of
Management perfectly aligns with my career objectives. The course ‘Predictive
Analytics’ taught by Professor Matthew Lanham will help me develop a
competitive edge in the detection of reliable patterns and forecast outcomes
based on data. The program’s experiential courses will provide me with
empirical skills through real-world examples. Lastly, I aspire to bring
professional diversity and valuable life experiences to the Purdue Community.

As an alumnus, I hope to help applicants make better decisions by sharing
information regarding my academic experience, and students with career
opportunities by speaking to hiring managers.