Have in shops mostly producing textiles (type of cloth).

Have you ever been to ancient India or ancient Mesopotamia? Well it’s probably a no. So Today i’m going to be telling you a bit about it since you have never been there before. TodayI’m going to be talking to you about their jobs, houses, food, clothes, some differences, and similarities. First, one of things that the men in Mesopotamia usually did was work on the farm. They would prune vines, plant harvests, take care of animals, and push barges upriver. The women helped if they were not working in shops mostly producing textiles (type of cloth). Much like the men in Mesopotamia the men in ancient India worked on farms too. Growing crops and taking care of animals. The girls in ancient India took care of the cotton part of the farm,they used the cotton after to make clothes.Second, ancient Indian houses were one to two stories high, with a flat roof, clay bricks, and were just about identical. They were built around a courtyard. The materials used to build a Mesopotamian house are comparable but not exactly like today’s homes. Clay bricks, mud plaster and wooden doors were all naturally available around the city.Third, the clothes in Mesopotamia, the men always wore a skirt it was down to their ankle it was sorta like a kilt, but not quite, and women wore dresses/ robes down to there ankle. They liked wearing jewelry, mostly rings. Women wore their long hair in braids, and men had beards and long hair that they would wear in buns. Also men and women wore makeup. Now Indian clothing. From what’s left of old paintings it shows that both men and women wore robes of all colors. It seems that Women also wore jewelry and lipstick The Indian girls had to learn to twill or tweed to make their clothes.Fourth, in India the food was wheat bread served with barley or rice.  Also they grew barley (a hardy cereal), peas, melons, wheat, and dates. Farms raised cotton and kept herds of pig, sheep, zebus (a kind of cow), and water buffalo. It seemed they were good farmers. The foods in Mesopotamia are crops like barley, dates, wheat, lentils, beans, peas, grapes, pomegranates, olives, vegetables, and pistachio nuts.  Also in Mesopotamia normally people ate only two meals a day, except for the rich. Most people drank large amounts of beer up to a gallon a day and unleavened bread ( a bread made without yeast).         Fifth,  some of the similarities between India and Mesopotamia is they both like to wear jewelry and makeup. The girls both wore dresses and robes to their ankles. And some of the men grew their hair and put it in a bun, they also grew long beards, they both eat bread, the men is both civilizations did the same things on a farm, last people who wore brighter colors and better jewelry showed their wealth. Last, the differences are both India and Mesopotamia have some different jobs like in indian girls made the clothes all day and the Mesopotamian girls also worked in shops producing textiles,last but not least Indian girls wore lipstick and in mesopotamia they did not. In conclusion, I hope you took that trip in your mind to ancient India and Mesopotamia. also hopefully you learned something about ancient Indian and Mesopotamian food, homes, clothes jobs, differences, and similarities.