Have Flashlight with working batteries rain poncho, small cut

Have you ever had the fear of being stuck in the middle of nowhere because of a a flat tire? Imagine your in a road trip with your friends and your car breaks down. you have an extra tire is that just no one knows how to change it. Now you are stuck waiting hours for a tow truck, your phone is dead. Your hot, tired and sweaty. Your frustration level is rising, and your friends are being loud and rude because the air conditioning in your car is barely working. Now it’s about two hours in waiting for that tow truck. Your trip is probably ruined now because you or your friends did not know how to fix a flat tire. Knowing how to fix a flat tire is very important for all car owners, no matter what car you drive the same procedure applies to every car. These items you will need to fix a flat tire. This should have come with your vehicle a jack, lug wrench, fully inflated spare tire, vehicle owner’s manual. Here are some optional  items that you should store in the back of your vehicle in case of the need to change a tire. Flashlight with working batteries rain poncho, small cut of 2″x6″ wood to secure the jack, gloves, wheel wedges. When you first realize that you have a flat tire, find a safe location. A opened leveled place like a parking lot, this prevents you vehicle from rolling. Step two, turn on your hazards once you realize that you have to pull over. This prevents accidents if you parked off to a shoulder of the road. Step three put the car in break, this will prevent you car from rolling. Step four apply the wheel wedges, they can go in front or behind the tire. These insure that your vehicle won’t roll while your changing the tire. Step five remove hubcap or wheel cover, the hubcaps are usually covering the lug nuts on the wheel. There are different hubcaps for different types of vehicles. Look at your drivers manual to see the best tool to remove your hubcaps, if your car doesn’t have hubcaps move on to step six. Step six loosen the lug nuts, use the lug wrench and turn the lug nuts counterclockwise until you break their resistance. You may have to use a lot of force, like your whole body weight and it’s ok. Loosen the lug nuts about ¼ to ½ of a turn, but don’t remove them completely yet. Save that for when it’s time to remove your tire/wheel from the vehicle. Step seven place the jack under the vehicle, the place to put the jack is right next to the flat tire. To safely raise the jack without damaging your vehicle follow the instructions in you drivers manual. Step eight raise your jack to prevent the jack from settling under the weight of your vehicle and coming off balance, place a small cut of 2×6″ wood beneath it before attempting to raise your vehicle. This tactic is especially helpful on asphalt. Raise the jack six inches off the ground, do not put any part of your body under the vehicle while the jack is raised. Step nine remove the lug nuts completely, finish unscrewing all four lugnuts. Step ten remove the flat tire grab from the back a pull slowly until completely off, place tire facing down so that it doesn’t roll away. Step eleven put spare tire on the lug bolts, now put the spare on lining up the rim with the lug bolts. Step twelve put the lug nuts on and tighten them by hand. Go back and check each one and tighten them as tight as possible. Step thirteen lower the vehicle and tighten lug nuts again, lower the vehicle with the jack and the weight of your vehicle will even out. Now you can tighten the lugnuts with a lug wrench and use all your body wight to make sure there super tight. Step fourteen put all your equipment away make sure your not forgetting your jack or anything else. Put your flat tire where your spare one used to go either in the trunk in a compartment, or underneath your car only if you drive a SUV. The final step is to take your flat tire to a technician, temporary spare tires aren’t made to drive long distances or at high speeds, so drive cautiously until you’re able to visit a tire technician. A professional should be able to determine whether your tire needs a repair or if it’s time to replace it. It might seem like a long complicated process but actually it only takes about 15-30 minutes. So now your back on the road in no time, your trip is not ruined and all you have to do is go to the auto shop. But it’s way better than waiting hours and hours for a tow truck, a flat tire never happens when it’s convenient but when it happens you will know what to do and be prepared for whatever the life may throw at you.