Hassan uses a picture schedule to independently follow the

 Hassanis a 16-year-old Somali American male in 10th grade who currentlyattends Washburn High School in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Hassan is diagnosedwith Autism and came to the U.S in December, 2014. His mother reports thatHassan did not have formal education prior to coming to the U.S from Kenya.

Hewas isolated from his peers and spent all his life living at home with hismother and siblings.   Hassanfollows directions accompanied by both visual and verbal prompts/cues (20%).Hassan is familiar with following a daily routine. He uses a picture scheduleto independently follow the classroom routine (80%). Social stories are beingutilized to improve receptive understanding of social (pragmatic) situations(i.e lunch with peers, hallway behavior). Hassan often demonstrated appropriateeye contact when spoken to by an adult; however, Hassan’s eye contact is moreconsist when he has initiated the communication.

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Expressively,Hassan uses pictures and a voice output communication device with physicalprompts to indicate his preference when given a choice of activity or item.Hassan is working on requesting on food/drink from a field of 4 pictures (70%)and requesting activity or an item from a field of 4 pictures (60%). Hassanrarely independently initiates communication using his AAC device. Hassanusually initiates communication by approaching someone and touching them on thearm or the hand. Currently, phase 1 strategies of the Picture ExchangeCommunication System are being implemented (100% assistance from facilitator isrequired).

Hassan’s preferred reinforces include music, books, singing,swinging, noise makers and his towel. In addition, Hassan is able to recognizeall pre-primer sight words and is able to point to the correct word when givenfour words on separate cards. Currently Hassan is learning about Kindergartensight words, reading comprehension, numbers from 1-30 and life skills. Hassan’scommunication disability adversely affects his ability to participate withinhis educational program. It significantly affects his ability to developage-appropriate social skills and friendships and to independently functionwithin society.

           Hassan’sneed for adapted reading passages and inability to read and comprehend gradelevel reading passages impact his ability to independently perform successfullyin all content areas.   Isubmitted a hard copy of the signed consent form in person to the instructor inclass on 9/25/2017. I chose this student because I work with his mother. Idecided that working with this student will allow me to do my project afterwork hours without missing work.