Global done by Dan Fagre who is a glacier

Global warming is a very big issue now in our society. We can see this happening if we focus on the glaciers especially that are melting. The glaciers are being impacted but it will eventually impact us too. We can learn more about this by Christopher White’s book, The Melting World.

Christopher White along with two other ecologists, Dan Fagre and Clint Muhlfeld, investigate Glacier National Park and the effects of global warming on the glaciers. This was a 5 year tracking of the glaciers in Montana and many discoveries were made about how these small changes could create a much bigger problem in our world. The first year of tracking of my book starts off with talking about the research done by Dan Fagre who is a glacier specialist who was researching in Glacier National Park located in Montana. Dan Fagre has been monitoring the Rockies’ northern glaciers for around twenty years tracking the changes the glaciers have made over the last years. They have discovered that burning of fossils fuels has increased the temperature of earth by 1.5 degrees fahrenheit. This caused the animals to move to higher altitudes since they needed cooler temperatures but soon they will get to the top and will not be able to continue.

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Many changes were found about the glaciers, they were melting over decades instead of million of years thanks to global warming. It is demonstrated by the Upper Grinnell Lake which was not there until a hundred years ago by the glacier melting at a faster rate. Not only does this affect animals but it affects plants too such as the alpine glacier poppy that could go extinct since it only grows in the alpine tundra of Glacier National Park. Dan Fagre says that we are reaching the tipping point in which nothing we do will be able to stop or reduce global warming. Glacier national park once had 150 glacier and now it only consists 25 and according to their predictions then glaciers may vanish by 2030.

If this actually were to happen then Glacier National Park would have to lose its name. In years two and three it gives us a bit of history of how the Rockies’ came to be what they are today and how now they are melting.