Giving final one is water of course which horses

Giving our horses treats can be good for them it shows them a reward and to bond with them.

Its especially good when they get done from a ride or if they cooperate with you. Then you reward them!  It’s a great way to treat your horse and give them what they need.Horses are not very picky when it comes to food, but they do have specific dietary need. They like some fruits such as apple, watermelon, banana, apricot, blackberry, peaches and many more.

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They also like vegetables  like carrots, celery, sweet potatoes. They also like the regular hay and grain, sugar cubes. Though horses are usay not picky some foods can still harm them such as chocolate, caffeine, dog and cat food.  Their long digestive system requires them to have high fiber.

Horses eat many small meals, they spend most of their day eating. Common horse treats ingredients are molasses, oats, apple, carrots, and especially peppermints! You can also put sugar ( brown, white and powdered). Horses need some specific food.

Food like grass, plants (tender) on their daily food agenda. A good pasture has good nutrition for a horse. It contains silica which helps with dental health.

Hay is another food that could/should be apart of your horses food agenda. It gives your horse vitamins and minerals. Grain is another one, some grains can be bad for horses but some are good for horses. Grains that are processed, grown, and harvested are not natural food for horses.

It doesn’t need much chewing for horses. The final one is water of course which horses are big and need a lot of water which keeps them hydrated. So just fill there water as much as they need.  Horses have been around for a long time and the people back then had to feed them somehow. They started in 1834 when Tomas Day came out with the “black drink” which is a tonic equine horse drink. Then in the 1900s they came out with a lot more. They did not have all the fancy horse food and treats that we have now.

They used to feed their horses common cereal like coats and boiled barley, but of course hay. Then in the 1950s horse and pony nuts were introduced, then a few years after complete horse feed came out.