Gender to cope anymore . For example working in

Gender is another concept
which  has an impact  on people with mental health issues and their
support.The article on 7 reasons why depression is more common in women outlines
how gender influences the likeliness of men and women developing depression .

It is essential for
practitioners to know how each sex is effected differently, in order to
effectively diagnose and help them individually. The treatment the individual receives
could be effected by whether they are male or female as the nature and effect
of the mental illness may be different for each gender.

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Biological explanation for
depression explains why women are likely to develop  mental illness. This is because ccompared to
men, women have a stronger genetic predisposition to developing depression.
Women are also much more subject to fluctuating hormone?levels, around the
time of childbirth and at menopause, which are
associated with an increased risk of developing depression Cave s (2005).

Depression is a chronic
disorder which has often been linked to symptoms relating to mental illness,
which if not treated immediately could lead to a poor quality of life. This is
because it has a significant effect on the individuals social life and ability
to socialise effectively with others. It can also have  an effect on their emotions and ability to
control it , and can often also  effects
them physically and mentally.

 Studies suggest that the interaction of both
the psychological and biological factors contribute to the progression of
depression (Flanagan C et al ,2015). Psychological explanation of depression
can occur as a result of prolonged exposure to countless negative life events which
builds up, until the personl is not able to cope anymore .

For example working in an
environment which is always stressful and demanding can often trigger
depression. People who are depressed are often likely to believe that they can’t
do anything to help themselves and therefore suffer for long periods of time
often without seeking the right help to support and help them. The majority of
people who are constantly working in stressful environments have a higher risk
of developing depression (Cardwell,
2009) .

For example working in an
office in a stressful environment can lead to depression due to the demanding
nature of the work with heavy workloads and tight deadlines. This could then
make the person feel that they have lack of control over they work and can’t do
much about it. This feeling of lack of control would them unhappy and the
constant feeling of this lack of control and increased of dissatisfaction would
increase the likeliness of being depression.