Future of this, there should be a recovery (machine/method/way)

Future research scopeAs we all know vehicles are increasing in a rapid manner by this, vehicular technology is getting its momentum day by day. For the safety of vehicles, it is necessary to deploy the advanced network. The Future of VANET is very bright as researchers are coming up with the new ideas and scope to provide safety to the mankind. Their lot of things yet to find out new ideas and scope for research on vehicular technology.  Fig 8 shows future research areas in VANET.The areas are briefly described below:·         Vehicular cloud: Cloud computing provides services in software, hardware and platform level.

We mainly use cloud computing services is to provide us on-demand resources to the users using virtualization. By using cloud, many applications are projected like multimedia services, content delivery, location sharing, e-applications, P2P services (Peer-to-Peer) and so on. The vehicles in which we can access the internet than they form a network cloud to provide content delivery and information sharing. We can store the data using the cloud because cars have terabytes of data. This technology is used in many applications and it is a good area for research.  ·         Fault Tolerance: VANET is a network and it consists of vehicles which act as nodes. The nodes can fail at any time because of hardware tampering or software fault and this leads to the generation of (not working correctly) nodes in the system.

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At the time of routing, if a vehicle sends data to a (not working correctly) vehicle then the data may be dropped and delay increases. Because of this, there should be a recovery (machine/method/way) which recovers or protects the network from these faults. The generation of new fault tolerance ways of doing things now/recently is also a newly-visible area of research. ·         Mobility model: To improve the performance of the network there should be a realistic ability to move around model which puts into use the traffic picture/situation. An ability to move around model can be designed by (thinking about/when one thinks about) vehicles, buildings, roads, maps, driving patterns, (motor vehicle-related) density, driver’s behavior and so on. This mainly supports in solving the routing problem where the vehicles are moving at a high speed. ·         MAC layer protocol: The main goal of designing the MAC rules of conduct are to provide fast data exchanges. In the WAVE standard, the IEEE 802.

11p rules of conduct is used for wireless communication. The WAVE stack consists of IEEE 1609.1, IEEE 1609.2, IEEE 1609.

3 and IEEE 1609.4 to provide services like security, useful thing/valuable supply setting apart and distributing, safety applications, LLC management, network services and so on. Because of this, there should be a strong and healthy and (producing a lot with very little waste) MAC layer rules of conduct. ·         Image processing: Image processing is a wide area of research with a huge scope. By using advanced image processing sets of computer instructions, the vehicles can track a person by using cameras on the vehicles. This computer program is used for watching and following terrorists on the roads.

If a terrorist’s image matches with the (computer file full of information) image then the vehicle suddenly broadcasts the information to the nearby police station. The videos of the street can also be recorded for criminal (act of asking questions and trying to find the truth about something).