From X-ray is done image appear on the screen

From Nokia3310 to iPhone, From Mr. Burger to Crispy of McDonalds, From Fax to Whatsapp, fromPentium 1 to Note Pad. Likewise, from a primitive form of medicine topreventive dental care Dentistry is also evolving and growing with full speedand on daily basis. The Art and science of spreading beautiful andhealthy smiles aka “Dentistry” is in no mood of receding anyway. The biggestand the most useful evolution in the field of dentistry has been theproliferation of digital dental technologies.From basicto advance let’s talk about how dentistry has evolved and how it is now in thenew millennium.

 DIGITAL PATIENTRECORD KEEPING: It is a secure and lifelong method of keeping the track of patients.You can have all the information of patients and the previous treatment justwith one click. No hassle of keeping bundle of files in cabinets. Digitalrecord keeping is secure and convenient for both patient and dentist, and ithas saved so much time.

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 DIGITALXRAYS: This is a new advancement of this millennium in the field of dentistry.Digital x-rays are faster and contain much less radiations than normalxrays.Once the X-ray is done image appear on the screen and dentist can zoom infor the better and accurate view.

 INTRAORAL CAMERA:These are the cameras that can go inside orally and have images of the sitesthat are hard to be see with the naked eye and thus help in making accuratediagnosis. LASER DENTISTRY:This procedure is huge evolution with the help of laser light treatment isbeing performed that increases the efficiency of the treatment and comfort ofthe patient. It also keeps away bacteria from the site of treatment to avoidpost treatment complications. COSMETICSDENTISTRY: It’s all about feeling good more than looking good.

This merger ofcosmetics with the dentistry has come up with something really exciting. Itincludes the procedure that improves aesthetics and appearance and makes youfeel good about yourself. DIAGNODENT:it is a diagnostic device that is used to detect dental cavities when they justbegan to spread and causing any symptoms. It is an excellent device to detectcavities at hidden places. VELSCOPE:This is a special type of laser light that considers as a life saver it helpsto detect any abnormalities in patient’s mouth. It helps to detect malformations,tumors cyst and other abnormalities at early stages when treatment and cure ispossible. Try inncrowns: These are the crowns for kids that gives them needing restoration andare easy to place with natural looks. Invisiblebraces: A brand new famous innovation of invisible braces these braces will nothinder your smile or looks and you can smile as much as you can with fullconfidence while your treatment is going on.

 The listgoes on and on. Dental field is on uphill graph and is considered as Recession -free.The upcoming millennium will bring even more advancements and evolution indental treatments and in dentistry as a proffesion,till then: SMILEJ.