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From headbanging at Download Festival in Australia to chilling at St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival in Singapore, here’s our ultimate music festival packing list every music fan should read (spoiler: leave the feather headdresses at home.

)Music festivals can be supremely fun and even awe-inspiring experiences for hardcore and fairweather fans alike – just talk to musicheads about their favourite ones and watch them go. Likewise, if you ask 20 different festival veterans about the best way to prepare for a music festival, you’ll probably get 20 different answers. The following festival packing list therefore, is by no means exhaustive. But since you’ve just dropped a couple hundred dollars on an indie music ticket like Laneway Festival (or more if you’re flying out to one of the overseas festivals), you deserve to know how you can fully enjoy the experience, rain or shine. Ready?#1: Health comes firstFor the skinWe all know Singapore is one sunny nation, so applying a good sunscreen regularly during the day is necessary not only to prevent you from turning lobster red, but also to avert other UVR (ultraviolet radiation) damage that can occur. It’s worth the extra dollar spending on one with high SPF and PA rating to block both ultraviolet-A and ultraviolet-B rays respectively. To avoid a flaky, sunburnt scalp, put on a light-material snapback or wide-brimmed hat.

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And yes, please apply that useful army-strength insect repellent when at outdoor festivals (unless being peppered with sandfly bites is somehow appealing to you.) It might not be a hit with the ladies, you won’t have to hide your insect-gouged face at work the day after. (image courtesy: Lazada Singapore)A word on festival attire: we know there are many opinions out there, but we rather err on the side of caution than on #fashun.

If you aren’t wearing clothes that you care too much about, that’s one worry off your mind when moshing in the mud. But don’t scrimp on good footwear – you’ll usually be standing or walking most of the time, so choose a comfortable -preferably waterproof- pair. Remember to check your weather app assiduously before heading out and throw in your go-to rain gear if necessary. (We don’t really recommend brollies because it will be plain annoying to hold an umbrella for the entire length of the music festival).No one told these ladies about white clothes at Fort Canning on a wet music festival day. (image courtesy: DIVA)For the earsThat insane high-pitched ringing in your head after you’ve willingly put yourself in front of huge concert speakers because you wanted to ‘feel the music better’? Well, you certainly got that, along with some irreparable ear damage.Wherever you’ll be at a music festival, you’ll need a pair of good ear plugs that can filter out harmful noise above 80 decibels – we recommend a pair of foam or silicone ones that you can just stuff in your ear and forget about for the entire duration. In general, the less pain your ears are feeling, the longer and harder you can party.

Capisce? …yea that won’t work. (image courtesy: All Women’s Talk)For the eyesUVR doesn’t just affect the skin, it causes damage to the eyes as well.

So unless your idea of adulthood means an alarmingly high probability of cataracts and retina damage, we highly recommend a pair of good prescription sunglasses. If buying off the rack, make sure it says  ’99-100% UVA and UVB light protection’ or ‘up to 400NMs protection’ on the tag  (clip-on ones should be available for the bespectacled on a budget). #2: Bagssentials If you’re just packing for yourself and want to travel light, you might find a straw picnic mat useful, especially on wet and muddy ground (cheap flimsy plastic ones are also an option, but they are easy to tear.) If you’re carrying a larger backpack and the festival rules allow, do consider a nice foldable camping chair (like this). In the event of rain, a towel for drying yourself and ziploc bags for non-waterproof valuables will go a long way to making you feel less miserable. For those long multi-day festivals with plenty of time in between acts, bring along your current paperback to accompany your beer.

And lest we forget – toilet paper should be in every festival packing list (thanks Dave Grohl for that tip.) Bonus tip for a handsfree look. (image courtesy AliExpress)For the pouchThe big music festivals like Laneway Festival, Zoukout!, Thailand’s Wonderfruit and the Ultra Music Festival series can run up to a few days at a time, so bring along quick-fix medical necessities to minimise your inconvenience. Throw in the fast-acting antihistamines, painkillers, band-aid, diarrhea pills, and if festival rules allow, a personal water bottle for hydration (for instance, Laneway Festival Singapore this year does permit  bringing unsealed empty plastic water bottles into the festival venue.

)#3: Your phone’s packing list, app-wiseIt’s not just about the external mobile batteries, but how well your mobile is prepped for the sweltering pot of excitement that is a music festival. A good weather app is definitely needed: we recommend Dark Sky (on iOS and Android); it gives excellent hour-by-hour temperature, precipitation and wind speed readings – key metrics that affect your choice of festival attire. Convenience is king at a festival, so various cashless payment apps like Android Pay and even Paypal (on iOS and Android) can help you skip out on handling bills.

 Doing some music research beforehand does go a long way to enriching one’s overall experience. Especially with the indie music genre, festivals are a good barometers to  introduce future big music stars – so take time to explore official festival playlists on your streaming apps like Spotify (on iOS and Android) or Apple Music (on iOS and Android)! Also important are official festival apps which usually have set timings and important announcements from the organiser. Capture the best memoriesFor those who want to go the extra mile to capture the best memories, you can do no wrong with a gimbal for your perfectly-steady 4K HD video, or a cool 360-degree mobile camera accessory for those awesome shots of your favourite artist playing to the sea of people.  But if you’re really asking us, we think you could give these (non-creepy looking) HD camera glasses by iVUE Camera a look – now that’s what we call filming in first-person.Probably not the 360° camera you had in mind. (image courtesy 360° Videos)#4: And all that data to keep you going.

..Whether you’re rocking out at Japan’s Summersonic, feeling euphoric at Ultra Beach Bali, or heading out Down Under to enjoy awesome indie music at Laneway Festival, don’t forget the last necessity to keep your mobile ticking – fast and steady data coverage that won’t put holes in your wallet like StarHub DataTravel! Covering more than 50 of your favourite destinations, DataTravel gives you affordable and reliable coverage with no-frills 2GB, 3GB and unlimited mobile data choices. Now that you have your festival packing list sorted, go on and have the best fun!Flying overseas to your favourite music festival? Get the best overseas data coverage with StarHub DataTravel now!!