From of the very few people who found success

From within the confines of his garage, Steve Jobs managed to build one of the most successful and well-known companies the world has ever known.

Although he was not the first to invent personal computers, portable music players, or tablets, what he did do was make them fun and easy to use for the American population. It was the adaption of the iPhone as opposed to its invention, which ultimately shaped America’s popular culture. Cell phones were previously seen as something that only businessmen and hobbyists used until Steve Jobs released the iPhone. As it the iPhone went through different iterations, it was as if everyone now needed one in order to listen to his or her favorite music or play games on their favorite apps.

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The touchscreen smartphone is a ubiquitous aspect of everyday American life, and one would be hard-pressed not to find one when walking along the streets of America today. Furthermore, the invention of iTunes completely changed the business of music and how it was offered to individuals. No longer did people need to buy full albums in order to listen to their favorite songs, nor did they have to carry around an extra device to play them. Steve Jobs did not invent the personal computer or the cell phone, nor did he single-handedly popularize it.

However, he was among one of the very few people who found success in repurposing a technology that had already been invented. His innovations have genuinely changed the entire relationship between Americans and popular culture. This culture is now conveyed to Americans through the screens that Jobs is responsible for manufacturing.

In 1995, Steve Jobs also introduced to the world its first full length, computer-generated, animated film with Pixar’s “Toy Story.”  This movie paved the way for animated films in the entertainment industry. Today, animated films such as “Frozen” and “Coco” dominate box offices around the globe. This domination would not have been possible without the introduction of animated films such as Pixar’s “Toy Story.” Even as computers continue to change, becoming smaller and smaller yet more and more powerful, Steve Jobs will always be remembered as the one who set this radical technology into motion.