From most anxiety inducing activities for the students. This

From the findings, it can beconcluded that speaking foreign language, in this context English in theclassroom is fairly a stressful activity to the students. The numbers gatheredthrough the findings, shows that students are conscious on the possibleembarrassment, they will experienced when they speak in English. Through thefindings, it shows that the respondents exhibited a medium level of anxietywhen involve during in-class speaking activities compared to other activities.             Apartfrom that, the findings show that activities that required students to be inthe centre of attention such as making oral presentation, doing a role play,and speaking spontaneously in front of the classmate turn out to be the mostanxiety inducing activities for the students. This could be because thestudents might feel uncomfortable as they are being observed and judge not onlyfrom their lecturer or teachers but their own classmates as well. In addition,they might fear the lecturer or teachers’ harsh way of correcting mistakes. In the findings also, it can be seenthat majority of the respondents are willing to volunteer to answer if they aresure to say the right thing.

This implies that respondents do demonstrate aworry in taking risks. This is aligned with Ely (1986) who explained that thehigh level of “Language Class Discomfort” is one of the negative predictors of”Language Class Risk-Taking”. Even though, the anxious feeling of makingmistakes is one of the main reasons’ of students’ inhibited nature duringspeaking activities, students are also conscious about being corrected. Basedon the findings, it shows that being corrected by fellow classmates is indeeduncomfortable for the students; hence this should be avoided by the lecturersor teachers. Activities that are comfortable and donot induce the students’ anxiety should be encouraged. For example activitiessuch as working in a small group or in pairs and conducting interviews withtheir partner.

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These activities not only allowed the students to practice thelanguage it also provides a way for them to know and communicate with theirclassmate without feeling anxious or uncomfortable. Through the findings, lecturers orteachers should call their students equally or provide a situation where theycan convey the answer spontaneously. This helps in creating a comfortableenvironment in the class. Moreover, lecturers or teachers should be able toprovide an interesting topic related to the current events in class as it showsthat students are more willing to participate if the lesson is interesting orwhen it is related to the current events. 1.1                  Conclusion As a conclusion, lecturers orteachers should adopt and adapt certain teaching methodologies in their classroom,so they will be able to produce a comfortable atmosphere for the studentsespecially during speaking activities. Avoiding activities that threaten thestudents’ self-esteem is the most important rule for educators. Besides,educators should be aware of activities that are comfortable to the students,for example, activities such as working in a small group and discussinginteresting latest topics will allow the students to practice the languagecomfortably as well as interacting with each other.