Frankenstein if the literature deserve a title of scientifically

Frankenstein critical analysis evaluation essay


Frankenstein was a story written by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley while she
was on her vacation in Switzerland with her husband. The story got published in
1818 without letting the public about the author. It was in 1831 when the novel
revised edition was out and Mary Shelley name mentioned as an author. The novel
focused on social, cultural and political facet of the societies during Mary’s
lifetime. The fictional character in the novel clearly shows the battle against
the pre-established people’s attitude during that time. Religion and science
always create a controversy in the society with religion always differencing
from any scientific principles and experiments. Shelley’s tried to addresses
the above controversy and showed how science and modern technology is sometimes
wrong. She tried to show how scientists and inventors are sometimes selfish
only care for achieving their plan without evaluating the end result.

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In modern time, society’s view of the world is associated with science
and technology. Some critics illustrate that technology, psychology and science
are closely related to literature. Deviance behavior of the person is considered
as unacceptable by the community. Frankenstein’s monster learnt a human
language, feeling and sense, he is very different thus can’t be accepted by the
society. Professor Sherry Ginn, Professor in the Psychology department at
Wingate University, Wingate, North Carolina evaluated Shelley’s Frankenstein
if the literature deserve a title of scientifically written literature.  Shelley was very young while she was writing Frankenstein
novel. Ginn formulate an argument “could a young woman with no formal education
really conceive such “hideous progeny? “She also questioned how Shelley
understood all the principle of science and philosophy to write a sophisticated
novel. While Ginn point of view questioning the scientific knowledge of Shelley
is legitimate and appropriate, education is not always the way to understand
science. Shelley didn’t have a formal education by the time when she wrote Frankenstein
but she was able to understand science and technology on her own reading and
exploring various types of scientific books, magazines and papers.


Ginn also evaluated the genre classification of Frankenstein as a
scientific literature of its time. Frankenstein is based on more or less a
scientific research that attempted to predict what the future looks like. It introduced
scientific ideas about human voices but it shows exclude women from science and
also labelled women as an alien. It is understandable that during the time
Shelly wrote Frankenstein, there wasn’t much scientific development in the society
like today. The scientific concepts that shelly incorporates in to Frankenstein
seems also a bit unorganized and lacks details. Frankenstein is also considered
as autobiography, some of the story were incorporated directly from Shelly
life, like a child without a mother, father not accepting the child and a
university student doing a furious experiments.

Hetherington, is a faculty associate at the University of Sheffield, The
Institute for Lifelong Learning. Naomi claimed that Shelley put Frankenstein literature
in a way to show the power of evil that is in fight with God. Human beings has
many limitations in our capacity, the story of Frankenstein should have
used to explain the origin of evil. Frankenstein didn’t acknowledge his
creation by God but he only gave a complement to his parents for bringing him
to earth world. Frankenstein is an old novel written about a scientist who
discovered a demon and the direful situations he created as an outcome. The
book shows Victor Frankenstein as a hard working dedicated person in the
university researching about bringing the dead body to life but he
unintentionally created a monster. The addition of the story about the monster
made the Shelly’s Frankenstein literature far from a reality.  Reader might find the story far from reality
and they might lose an interest of reading it thoroughly.


                Generally, Shelly brought a new
scientific fictions idea on her book Frankenstein, which had gained popularity
from most of the readers. Even though the book genre is labeled as a scientific
fictions, I would agree that it should have been labelled as a horror because
of the monster. Shelly writing of Frankenstein literature is also very complex,
she should have put all the story in an easy understandable way so as to gain
more readers. The story seems also old fashioned and it is not for a people who
don’t like reading a complicated literature but shelly did a great imagination
work and it is not easy to accept that Frankenstein literature is written by a
19 years old young girl.