Foreign problem. The reaserchers recommended that the Government should

Foreign Studies: ( Availability of Improved Sanitation Facilities and Associated Factors among Rural Communities in Lemo Woreda, Hadiya Zone, Southern Ethiopia)  Yohannes (2014) together with his co- Researchers Workicho and Josefa, conducted a study in Lemo Woreda, Southern part of Ethiopia about how people get to use an improved and proper sanitation facilities on the said area which is very important for a daily basis. According to the study, Woreda has a population of 144, 244 in total, fit for the 33 rural areas in Ethiopia with the poorest administrative unit. The reaserchers picked the sample in a calculated size of 515 respondents with 92% response rate, most of the respondents are the head of the family or their spouses .

Based on the findings gathered, 35.9% of households included in the study has improved sanitation facilities, and the remaining 64.1% are considered households with poor facilities. Few factors were listed on  why does the people couldn’t afford to have a proper latrines, such as: small income for financial needs, chosen work of the respondents and the insufficiency of knowledge and negative attitude towards the use of  improved sanitation facilities. Due to this problem, many health problems occurred, Faecal- oral diseases such as trachoma, helmenth infections and Diarrhea with the most cases to appear. Based on the informations United Nations has collected, over 2.

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5 billion of the world’s population still don’t have access on proper sanitation facilities and over 1 billion of this population does open defecation.  81% of Ethiopia’s rural population is no exception to this problem. The reaserchers recommended that the Government should give full attention to the farmers in the rural areas of Ethiopia, and Education regarding improved sanitaton facilities is a must.

  Yohannes’ study is somewhat identical to ours in terms of having the same problem which is the lack of latrines in some part of Tondo, Manila. Our research also aims giving solution to this environmental dilemma. SOURCE: file:///C:/Users/chogchog/Downloads/1101020-20141121-155238-7556.pdf