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For the longest time in high school, I knew I wanted to study in medicine, but I didn’t know exactly which career path to choose. I always had a notion of studying sports medicine due to my passion for sports and actually participating in multiple athletic programs so I assumed that would be the career for me. It wasn’t till after I graduated high school that this idea wasn’t for me anymore and I had to pick a career that best suited me and my future. Knowing myself I knew I wanted to do something which filled my enthusiasm to be involved in the betterment of other’s health and to be well informed in assorted topics connected to health care, at that moment I knew I wanted to pursue a career in a pharmaceutical profession.

To be completely sure that this decision best complimented me, I needed to discover what working as a pharmacist is like. Obviously, I was not able to work as a pharmacist due to my lack of knowledge, but I found the next best thing and to volunteer at the hospital’s clinic pharmacy. My duties were limited to filing prescriptions and other documents, photocopy forms, file medication bags for patient pick-up, help organize supplies, assist pharmacy clerks and techs with the return to stock process. Even though I didn’t do the exact job of a pharmacist I was able to gain the experience of what a pharmacist does. Many people believe that a pharmacist just stands behind a desk and just counts pills, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Being a pharmacist is much more than just dispensing medication to patients, a pharmacist is responsible for the patient’s safety and making sure not potential drug interactions occur between drugs, also a pharmacist must make sure that the patient knows how to properly take the medication, you would be surprised at the stories and events I have heard about patients either abusing drugs or being misinformed when taking the drugs. As I am currently still volunteering at the pharmacy I am positively sure I am making the right decision in pursuing a career in pharmacy.

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My four years of education thus far have been particularly interesting and challenging. I have made some drastic decisions to attend a local community college rather than attend a big university. A lot of people have asked me why I decided to go this route and I always tell them I was able to learn more at a community college and make a connection with my professors rather than going to a big university where your professor probably doesn’t know your name.

In doing so, my decision was extremely beneficial to my education and I never doubted it for a second.Through my many pre-med courses from Chemistry to Microbiology, I have learned about life and health on many different levels, from molecular to the organism. It has been captivating to learn about the chemical and biological composition of the human body. I am enthusiastic about entering any pharmacy program and launching my professional education in learning about different drugs and their interactions with the human body. In particular, I am  _____ to employ the principles I will achieve through my education and use them toward my long-term goals of being a pharmacist and helping people. Being a pharmacist will permit me to continue my enthusiasm for the betterment of other people health.