Flexibility: will help you to improve your strength. You

                                    Flexibility:Flexibility is an ability of being able to bend your bodywithout actually hurting yourself. One thing flexibility is used for is boxing, Mike Tyson used to stretch hisneck and do various exercises that gave him an advantage to dodge hits from theopponent and to take hits. The neck exercises helped Mike to build a thick andstrong neck, making it harder for the opponent to knock him out.

Although thisability is important in boxing, other sports require this ability as well. Yoga requires youto move your body and stretch the different parts, over time you will becomeflexible and you will be able to control your body by relaxation as you must beable to control your breathing first. A regular 90 min lesson at the local gym costs£10 on average, but the prices can vary. If you can’t afford yoga you canwatch free videos on YouTube and try it at home. Pros:1)    Yogaincreases self-control2)    Greatworkout especially for people trying to lose weight3)    Great detoxfor your body4)    Meditationused in yoga improves brain power.Cons:1)    Yoga can bepretty expensive 2)    Can beintimidating for people that just started doing yoga3)    You areadvised to do it regularly so you need time for the lessons4)    Differentteachers teach different styles of yoga that you might not likeIn my opinion everyone should try it as it’s pretty good foryou. Some people might actually really enjoy it.   Strength:Strength is a physical energy that you use to lift weightsand other heavy objects.

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It’s required for strongmancompetitions and basically other competitions that require physicalstrength. By calisthenicsyou can build a strong physique, calisthenics requires you to use your body asweights. For example if you do pull ups, it’s a form of a calisthenics exerciseas you are using bodyweight to build muscle.

You must do the exercisesfrequently to see an improvement but over time it will help you to improve yourstrength. You can do calisthenics practically everywhere for free, for example inthe park. There are a lot of videos on YouTube showing the step by step guidefor beginners. Pros:1)    No gymequipment is needed2)    You canbasically train everywhere 3)    Helps youbuild balance, strength and mobility4)    You cancome up with ideas how to train 5)    It’s greatfor fat lossCons:1)    There arelimitations for leg training 2)    Harder toprogress onto harder moves 3)    It’s hardto reflect on progress4)    It’s prettyhard to build a lot of muscle In my opinion it’s a good way of exercising for people thatare looking to build physical strength but there are limitations, you aren’t ableto build a lot of mass in calisthenics so after some time it would be better tomove onto weights.    MuscularEndurance:Muscle endurance is repeating muscle contractions over andover again. It’s really important for cyclists as they need it especially ifthey are going far. They need the strength to go further if they are involvedin some cycling events.

If they can ride far without lactic acid building up it meansthat they have a really good muscular endurance. By riding a bike often and forlong periods of time the person will build that strong muscle endurance that isneeded for some sports, this involves professional cycling. Also cycling isn’t actuallyexpensive, all you need is a bike and it doesn’t have to be one of theexpensive ones especially for your first one. Pros:  1)    It’s one ofthe easiest ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle2)    It’s goodfor the environment 3)    It’s goodfor your cardiovascular healthCons:1)    There arequite a lot of bicycle accidents 2)    If you havean expensive bike it increases bicycle theft3)    It’s timeconsuming most of the time I think that everyone who has a lot of spare time should getinvolved and cycle pretty regularly and they will see some good effects. Thereare actually quite a lot of people cycling in England so that’s also good forthe environment.      Power:Power is to give out max force as possible. You can improvepower by weight lifting.

Powerlifting is one of the competitive sports thatrequire power and strength to lift as much weight as possible.Powerlifting involves bench presses, dead lifting and squats.Power has to be produced in a certain amount of time. The strength must beconverted into force produced and timed how long it takes.

Powerlifting requiresyou to go to the gym very often and you must be pretty big to compete anyway soprices for the supplements and the gym can cost you a lot of money. There arealso many health risks as knees and other parts of the body can go past hyperextension and actually snap. Also many powerlifters use steroids. Pros:1)    Helps you buildup large amounts of strength 2)    Powerliftershave good forms 3)    They focuson particularly building up the strength and muscle Cons:1)    Can bedangerous as there will be a lot of weight lifted 2)    Somepowerlifters use the wrong techniques 3)    They aremore likely going to use too many steroids and too much of it In my opinion, somepeople were made for this sport and some weren’t as it all depends on thegenetics and body structure. If you have a solid build, you should try it butif you have fairly thin bones you shouldn’t really do it as you are more likelyto get more injuries.

      Aerobicendurance:It’s basically stamina that is needed to do training for longperiods of time without actually getting tired.