First Taiwan is not a member of United Nations

First of all, Taiwan’s sovereignty status is the most controversial
sovereignty issue in the world, as Taiwan has some kind of independent, but at the same time, Taiwan is not able to
present it, like a sovereign country in the world. It is important to note that
Taiwan is not the official name of the state because the official name is The Republic
of China (ROC). Taiwan is a just a name of the island, which is located in the
south part of the sea of modern China. Nowadays,
Taiwan is considered an autonomous part
of China, which has its own national symbols, language,
and mentality, which is absolutely different from Chinese. Also, the political
system of China and Taiwan work as one country and two systems. Moreover, the last change in the legislation provides good
evidence; Taiwan legalized same-sex
marriages which are not legalized in China. It means that Taiwan has the power to control their region, and China is not
able to impact their internal policy. However, Taiwan,
at the world level, is not considered to be an absolute sovereign
country, since Taiwan is regarded as an administrative part of China. In
addition, it is important to note that Taiwan is not a member of United Nations Organizations, despite the fact that Taiwan
had several attempts to join this organization. However, the main problem is
not in the sovereignty of the country, as the real problem is a political conflict
between Taiwan and China, which consider
themselves as is the real governor of all
mainland of China.  I think that the
problem is in a political conflict with another country, which has more power
and influence, in our case, is China. Therefore, this political conflict could
be resolved, if countries satisfied both people from China and Taiwan. Thus
there are two options for resolving this conflict. The first option is unification with China and the second option is absolute autonomy and existence like another

 Nowadays, Taiwan and China are
two independent states, but the problem
is a political conflict between them,
which could be resolved by unification, as the country would be able to
strengthen the economy and improve the relationship
with China. 

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  In the beginning, the current paper aims to learn the
political conflict between Taiwan and further considers the history of Taiwan,
which took roots from 20 centuries. The Republic of China
was the real governor of all territory of mainland China since 1911-1949, and
during these years, it is important to note events, such as the Japan-China war (1937-1945) and the Civil war.
During the Japan-China war, the opposite
consignment was created in China 1931 and this opposite consignment was called
Chinese Soviet Republic (1931-1947). As
the result of this, there began a civil war between these two governments for
dominance over the whole of China, but this conflict was during Japan-China
war. Consequently, the Republic of China and the Chinese Soviet Republic decided to stop their senseless conflict
and tried to cooperate with each other, with the aim to win the war against
Japan. Eventually, Japan-China war was
ended in 1945 and the island, which is called Taiwan, became a part of the
Republic of China. However, after the Japan war, the ROC and the Chinese Soviet Republic again continued their
civil war. After that, the civil war has been lasted
about four years and in 1949 the government of the Republic of China was
defeated by Chinese communist, so leaders and people, who were for the Republic
of China, had to settle to the island Taiwan and created a new state. Also, in
the same year, new government was created
in China which called The People Republic of China (PRC) and governs in modern mainland
China. In spite of defeat, in the civil
war, the Republic of China considered themselves like a real government of
mainland China, while the opposite government People the Republic of China considered that Taiwan island
belongs to them. Since this time, the
political tension had been just increasing between ROC and PRC. Furthermore, it
is interesting to note that Taiwan was recognized by many countries as a legal authority of mainland China until 1971 Taiwan was an official member
of United Nations Organization, where it represented all mainland China. However,
according to National Generally 2758 Assembly Resolution, the seat in United
Nations Organization was transmitted to
China (People Republic of China). As this resolution 2758 considered that the People Republic of China was a lawful and
official representative of all mainland China. Moreover, today the People Republic of China is the official representative of all China, including
Taiwan’s island in United Nations Organization. Today, one of the main and strong reasons that Taiwan could
not join the United Nations is China does not want or allow it. Also, if the
country wants to become a member of United Nations organization, it has to be approved by Security Council, which
has five permanent members and one of the
member is China. It is interesting to
note that, if one of the members of Security Council does not approve the
country membership in UN, the country will be refused to have a membership, by
whole Security Council. Consequently, there are
almost no chances, that Taiwan could be the
member of United Nations. After these events, Taiwan lost the power to
represent all mainland China, and Taiwan replaces
world recognition of world powerful countries. Nowadays, there are only about 20
counties recognized Taiwan as a sovereign
country. At first, one of the main possible effects
of political conflict between Taiwan and China is that the political conflict
is able to become a military conflict between these two states. Today,
the military tension between ROC and PRC was calmed down. However, it is
interesting to note that, ROC and PRC did
not sign a peace agreement; it means that they are still at war (Now This
World, 2015). However, in spite of, unresolved conflict between these two
states, currently Taiwan and China are living in peace with each other.
However, most of Taiwan’s people protested for their independence from China,
according to Taiwan National Security Survey. In addition, discontentment of
Taiwan people led into the protest. For
example, events 2008 November, when the big quantity of people went to the
street and began the protest movement, with the aim to show for China’s
negotiator, that Taiwan’s people were independent and their stance was against it. It is important to note that the outcry
was organized by protest movement, which is called Wild Strawberries Movement
and most of the people of this movement were students. Moreover, political
conflict is able to impact on the economy
of Taiwan negatively, as China is one of the main trade partners for Taiwan.
Consequently, the deterioration relation with main trade partner leads to decreasing the economic index, which leads to a massive unemployment and a loss of

  At the beginning, according to
the books, which called Source of Conflict and Cooperation with Taiwan and
Governing Taiwan and Tiber, proposed the solution for unification and
cooperation between China and Taiwan? 
Advantages of unification have a more
positive side, which has a good impact on politic, relation and economic
development for Taiwan and China.

According to Baogang, the European Union political model is the solution for regulation Taiwan – Chinese
relations, which is able to contribute to
unification. Today, the current political system between Taiwan and China is perceived
as one country, two systems, due to the model of European Union, the system is
able to change into one system, two countries. However, in order to know, how
European Union model will work in Taiwan, we should learn what the European
Union Model is. At first, the European Union (EU) is a political organization of Europe which was created with the aim to strengthen
peaceful relations and develop the economy among
countries of Europe which suffered from the World War 2 (Europe Union, n.d.).  Second, what makes Europe Union model unique
is that the European Union works as a sort
of government, which has almost full power in law sphere, policy in trade,
regional development and on an international
level.  However, the Europe Union is a democratic organization, so the EU is not able
to commit any action, without getting permission countries, which are members
of European Organization. The positive experience, which could be used from EU
system is a unification of the same
political interests of countries, which can improve commonwealth and economy of
Taiwan and China.

  In the result of this create a
new China or new China organization for the international
arena. In addition, this new China will be represented in United Nations, which
is able to  regulate relation between  PRC and ROC. Moreover, all international and
political decisions might be solved by the representatives from PRC and ROC.
Consequently, Taiwan and China will be equal to
each other which could resolve the conflict and tension between them.
Furthermore, if they create an international
organization, Taiwan and China would keep their sovereignty and govern their
own territory, but at the international
level, Taiwan and China will be together. One more advantage of European Union
model is able to improve not only political situation between countries but also the economy and trade
between Taiwan and China, which is able to improve cooperation and relation.
According to, Lipsey (2007), the Europe Union market is a most prosperous common market in the world
because there is no hurdle, such as tariff( as cited
Blackley, 2011). In addition, the Europe Union has one currency, which is
called Euro; one currency is able to have a good impact on the economy too. Finally, if countries have good
trade relations, it means that these countries depend
on each other, thus they have to support each other too, with the aim not to
lose investing and keep their trading high. 
It is important to note other possible solutions, such as status quo and
full sovereignty of Taiwan. Status quo is a current system in Taiwan, which
helps to keep the country in a neutral position.
It is good policy, as it does not declare sovereignty on China Taiwan
relations. However, status quo is not a sustainable
solution, which is able to only freeze or detain the political tension
between Taiwan and China, but the main disadvantage it is a temporary solution. Another solution is the full
sovereignty of Taiwan, it could be good for Taiwan, but it would not be
good for China and Taiwan relation. As it was said above, China does not want
and allow to Taiwan divided from mainland China. Also, this solution would not
be favor, because Taiwan has to get world-recognition,
with the aim that Taiwan considers sovereign country which is very difficult for
Taiwan today. To summarize it, I think that political conflict between China
and Taiwan could be resolved by mutual assistance, which is trade between
countries. Finally, according to Baogang (n.d.) the European Union model is a
flexible system, which is able to change or develop
in a different way. In other words
European Union model does not mean absolute unification or independence of the country, however,
it could be an appropriate solution for
Taiwan’s problem. 

  In conclusion, in my opinion,
the resolving the political conflict between Taiwan and China is a very
controversial and difficult political issue in the world.  However, there is a possible solution, which creates
to be an international organization or a new country, which presents Taiwan and China,
but in the same time countries are able to keep their sovereignty. Also, The
European Union Model is the practical and sustainable solution. Finally,
due to resolving the political conflict by cooperation, it is able to resolve
the conflict between nations, but also resolve the possible future problems,
which are only able to resolve by the partnership.