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First, over the past 117 years of agriculture the population of Texas has progressed a lot since then. The population in the early 1900’s started off with 3,055,000 people in the state of Texas, now we are almost rounding up to almost 30 million with 28,797,290 people in the present time as we speak. The growth crams already-crammed roads, schools, and taxpayers since they need to pay for new roads so we can get to the new schools and other important buildings. Farming practices back then were mostly relied on for the quantity of people who could help farm or do anything to help on land. Now we have more machines and tools made and they have also improved since the early 1900’s like new models of the steel plow or any John Deere models etc. Second is the whole country, the United States (U.

S.A). For us being known was the most developed country based on economics and finances. We’re also one of the top countries that is most well maintained in the agriculture industry, even way back. The population of the country in the early 1900’s was around 76,212,168 people living in our country, now the population in 2017 has increased by 248,933,795 people. Ever since the population growth many things have changed in agriculture.

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Since the population has grown that means that the amount of housing has grown and houses take up land for farming. That is a big issue in agriculture that is still going on because more houses are being built each year. When they make the houses they are not only tearing up and taking land, but they are using the wood from the trees to build the recreation of the house which is almost for them using the double amount of products to make double the amount of pollution in the end. Its almost like dominoes because once there’s no more trees and land, there is no more food for deers and other animals to feed of off and there are no trees for animals to live by for secureness and to be in their habitat because their habitat is being torn away.

 In the World ,the population is increases by 83 million ,which is a lot of people to maintain